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* A second Catagory 5 Hurricane is going to hit Barbuda, which is already leveled. They are trying to evacuate the whole island. I know we in the US are all about Irma right now, and for fuck's sake if you are in it's path listen to directions about evacuation vs. shelter in place, but a second hurricane in the leewards on top of the devastation.... I have no fucking words.

It's looking like there are a lot of scammers calling for donations. It sounds like the authorities in Antigua & Barbuda want people to go through the Red Cross right now, as what is needed is centralized relief through a legitimate charity.

If you are inclined to help:

* This site gives live updates. "Hurricane Irma: millions evacuate Florida as superstorm hits Cuba – latest updates:"

* Seriously, do not fuck around with this storm. If they tell you to evacuate grab your pets and documents and GO! If they have not told you to evacuate, but you are near the path, it is a good idea to make up a Go Bag just in case. Don't forget critical papers like your birth certificate. "Hurricane Irma becomes Category 5 storm again:"

* "Mexico earthquake kills at least 61 and sparks mass evacuations:"

* Kris Kobach is claiming that out of state College Students voting legally in New Hampshire with out of state license are somehow breaking the law and thus proof of in person voter fraud, even though they patently aren't. Look folks, this has always been legal. You live nine months out of the year at your college, so you register where you live and vote there instead of in your home state.

* "Trump signs $15 billion disaster relief after deal with Democrats:"

* No, now is exactly the time, in the wake of two super storms and the whole west being on fire. "EPA chief on Irma: Not time to talk climate change:"

* "Defying Trump, Senate panel approves funding for U.N. climate body:"

* "Homeland Security cancels massive roundups of undocumented immigrants:"

* "'We don't have anything': landlords demand rent on flooded Houston homes:"

* "House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers:"

* "Pregnant Women And Fetuses Among Vesuvius' Victims, Archaeologists Reveal:"

* "The Roman treasures from Castle Howard saved for the nation in a £5.4 million tax deal:"

* The weather broke today, and the air is easy to breath again, in case folks were worried.

* Want to donate to the windshield wiper fund? (32$ Needed). Paypal

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* Authorities in Antigua & Barbuda want people to go through the Red Cross right now, as what is needed is centralized relief through a legitimate charity.

* "How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims:"

* How to help the protesters and ordinary people in Venezuela:

* "Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide:"

* A list of links to Charlottesville charities if you want to give the NAZIs a financial fuck you:

* How white Protesters can weaponize their whiteness:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Red Cross is taking donations for Western Wildfire Relief:

* (This is here as a reminder to me for later). "Can you recommend me some good books, essays, etc. about witches, witchcraft, witch trials in England?:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Pakistan inferno: Father's anguish as tanker dead buried:"

* "Moscow Is Recalling Russia's Ambassador To The US Amid Election Controversy:"

* "US nuclear plant's computer system hacked:"

* "Trump eager for big meeting with Putin; some advisers wary:"

* "Trump blasts CNN as ‘fake news’ after it retracts story:"

* "Officials struggle to convince Trump that Russia remains a threat:"

* "Trump teases 'big surprise' on Senate Obamacare repeal effort:"

* "Manafort Discloses $17 Million in Payments for Ukrainian Work:"

* "A Lawyer Who Helped Write The Patriot Act Is Trump’s Pick For A Top State Department Job:"

* "Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show:"

* "Sarah Huckabee Sanders tangles with reporter at White House briefing:"

* "Trump, EPA Move to Rescind Obama Administration’s Clean Water Rule:"

* "Perry calls for climate change debate, says he doesn't know Trump's stance:"

* "Trump team declares all Russia stories fake news:"

Embed: )

* "EPA sidelining science under Trump, Pruit:"

Embed: )

* So he wants to get rid of Meals on Wheels, but thinks he deserves a 17% raise. "Chaffetz calls for $2,500 legislator housing stipend:"

* Keep the Pressure on, Folks. "Republicans eye billions in side deals to win Obamacare repeal votes:"

* "208,500 additional deaths could occur by 2026 under the Senate health plan:"

* "Republicans in Missouri want to be able to keep women who use birth control from working:"

* "Number 14- Rest In Power and Peace Ava Le'Ray Barrin:"

* "Pro wrestling’s newest villain: 'The Progressive Liberal':"

Embed: )

* "Medicaid's Last Stand:"

Embed: )

* "ICE Unleashed:"

Embed: )

* "The New Ground Rules At White House Press Briefings:"

Embed: )

* "'Repeal And Replace' Is Being 'Delayed And Postponed':"

Embed: )

* "Why Human Evolution Matters: Crash Course Big History 204:"

Embed: )

* "Why Human Ancestry Matters: Crash Course Big History 205 :"

Embed: )

* "Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver :"

Embed: )

* "Stephen Returns From Russia With An Apology For Trump:"

Embed: )

* "Stephen Leaks Drawings Of Sean Spicer's No-Camera Press Briefing:"

Embed: )

* "Stephen's Trip To Russia Was Supposed To Be Secret:"

Embed: )

* Queer Dance Party:

Embed: )

* "Fear The Walking Dead, Season Three, Episode Five: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame:"

* This was my one big problem with both versions of American Gods. (I have a handful of quibbles, but none of note). "Bilquis, Queen of Sheba, and American Gods:"

* Two Days left. I'm a hundred down on bills, plus we haven't money for electricity and Internet as we had to pay for car repairs (four hundred), so clearly it's ebay time.:

Details cut for your pleasure: )

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "So, what can people do?*:"

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.:

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "NYT: Intercepts part of Trump-Russia investigation:"

Embed: )

* "Sen. Sherrod Brown: White House starting to look like Goldman...:"

Embed: )

* "Trump scrambling for crucial hires after weak preparation:"

Embed: )

* "At last minute, Trump asks Obama appointees to stay:"

Embed: )

* Everything since early November has felt like the montage explaining how the world ended.

* Don't Forget Mike Pence:

* "Donald Trump is offering free tickets to his inauguration — and it's totally backfiring:"

* "Obama leaves legacy of extraordinary accomplishments:"

Embed: )

* So was Rick Perry flirting with Al Franken or what?

* " Montana Police Nail Mezuzah on Station Door, Defying Neo-Nazis:"

* "I think the Fuck Not:"

* "Things they don’t tell you about top surgery:"

* "Healthcare Resources:"

* "free advice if you're going to any of the various protests, marches, etc. this week.:"

* "A Topless Protester Grabs a Wax Donald Trump:"

Embed: )

* "Profiles in Tremendousness - Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos:"

Embed: )

* "President Obama Babyproofs America:"

Embed: )

* "Back in Black - The Trump Inauguration's No-Star Lineup:"

Embed: )

* "Swamp Dwellers:"

Embed: )

* "The Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame :"

Embed: )

* "Full Frontal Is Scared: Masha Gessen Edition:"

Embed: )

* "Trump's Pre-Inauguration Photo Op:"

Embed: )

* "Anxieties Over Russia Come to a Head:"

Embed: )

* "How Donald Trump Spent His MLK Weekend:"

Embed: )

* "The WERD: Repeal and Erase:"

Embed: )

* "Trump Gets Ready For Day One-ish:"

Embed: )

* "Obama's Final Message To The Press: Good luck!:"

Embed: )

* "Trump's Inauguration: This Is Really Happening:"

Embed: )

* "Grizzly Bears Are An Educational Menace:"

Embed: )

* I wish there was some sort of simple way to tell whether one is tired or hungry.

* I went to get lung medicine today and as I pulled in, I saw the inevitable able bodied people blocking handicapped parking for a conversation, and was grumpily bracing to have to idle, burning gas and wasting time until they were done, as this is what usually happens in this scenario. Instead, get this, They moved out of the way. I've been handicapped for like a decade and they NEVER move out of the way. I thanked them on the way past and they were really nice and pleasant.

So get this. I'm leaving and there is a dad and two young sons blocking the exit to the handicapped lot and he sees me and the other car with a lady in wheelchair in it start to pull out of our parking spots, and he puts his arms around his kids and They moved out of the way! Twice in one day, polite able bodied people instead of passive aggressive assholes.

Bonus points? The four year old was dressed as superman and the 1-2nd grader was wearing an Obama tee shirt. Seems about right.

* My brain just parsed an Angie's List commercial as offering a Handy Man and not a handyman. *ahem*

* Some of you will remember the state of the apartment when I moved in, the Pigmen having pissed pretty much everywhere and the disgustingly grubby state of everything. My toilet was the worst. I suspect it hadn't been cleaned properly since they erected the building. I've been working on it, as bit at a time, but I assumed the rust streaks were as permanent as the damaged enamel. I started experimenting with those things you toss in the tank at some point in 2016 on the grounds it really couldn't make it worse and I'm buying them in packs at the dollar store, so it's not like the two dollars I spent so far was a huge investment. I was skeptical. My family never used them, we just cleaned the toilet regularly, and i figured it was a scam, but seriously two dollars in six months. I did see some mild improvement with the first set, so I invested in the second dollar's worth, only switched brands. I popped it after dinner. By 2AM, there was noticeable marked improvement. Dude! Really, I need all new plumbing what with the past it's sell by water heater, the crap water pressure for hot water, the pipes, and the wobbly toilet that I rigged back together after it broke and keep having to mess with, but no way is any of that happening. Right now, I'll settle for as toilet that works and is reasonable presentable to guests.

* I have reached season 5 of Shameless (I'm only 2/3 through so do not TELL me the rest). I think this is the first year I really liked Lip as a person. I really have appreciated his season 4-5 college arc which has been very much about culture shock and how hard it is for first generation college students. I don't always agree with his season 5 decitions, but oh, do I understand them. I am also really apreciating the writers making both Kevin AND Veronica clearly in the wrong for their marital troubles. It would have been so much easier to make one the put upon hero and one the villain. Instead they did something realer and more complex.

As always though, it is the Mickey and Ian plot that absolutely breaks me. Ian's stuff is so hard to watch and heartbreaking. Noel Fisher's performance though? Dayumn. His character has come so far from the guy who could only say "I love you" by committing hate crimes against Ian's other lovers. Watching his season four struggle to start owning his truth was beautiful. This season though, ouch. The performance is so fucking good. The tiny hesitation and the brave little lift of the chin every time he tells a new stranger/authority figure that he and Ian are together, lovers, boyfriends. The absolute devastation on his face and the love that is so clearly there as Ian spirals. This story is so important to me. Mickey Milkovich is so important to me. The Ian/Mickey relationship is really important to me.

* Dylan Thomas' " “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” has been bouncing around a lot in my head in the last year and especially since November. I know, I know. He wrote it when his dad was dying and there is an argument as to whether it is an admonition to his dying Father (harsh) or a description. It was my Father's favorite poem and I was exposed to it young.

I've thought about it an aweful lot over the years, and to me it has always been an exhortation to the living in the face of the reality of death. I'm okay with being wrong about intent, because the author is dead, after all, both metaphorically and physically. This is what it means, what it always means to me, a call to resist, a call for life and light to stand against in inevitability of entropy. I have lived that way personally. I sucked every morsel of delight and grief the world offered me. I fought for every step. Even as the lights go out all over the West, I will not go gentle and I will always rage, rage against the dying of the light. Fuck the academics who tell me different.

* "Emerald City, Season One, Episode Three: Mistress - New - Mistress:"

* This was ages ago and the games has been dead a couple of years, but every now and then, I stop to appreciate that a literal Bear (Shifter) PC picked up a guy in a bath house in Early Medieval Spain and used him for the whole rest of the time in that city as a useful informational local contact, including getting him to get his cousin the guard to let him into a garden so they could have a tryst/infiltrate.


* Suicide Crisis numbers:

* "free advice if you're going to any of the various protests, marches, etc. this week.:"

* "Healthcare Resources:"

* Victim of a Hate Crime? Report to the police first, but also report here to help the SPLC track incidents:

* Trans Relief Project:

* "Donate to the SPLC:"

* "A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support:"

* General Charities list to help groups being targeted in Trump's America:

* Where to donate to help Immigrants:

* Ways to protest:

* More ways to protest "So here’s the deal:"

* "10 ways we can help Standing Rock Indian Reservation.:"

* "List of Standing Rock Resources:"

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Organizations helping with the refugee crisis:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

* This is the patreon of an RL friend with etsy link:
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* "Rumor mill spreads awareness of individual rights:"

* "Indians Staged One of the Largest Strikes in History, But No One on U.S. Cable News Covered It:"

* "Why So Many Poor Americans Don’t Get Help Paying For Housing:"

* "6,000-year-old fabric reveals Peruvians were dyeing textiles with indigo long before Egyptians:"

* On Tailoring. From Elsewhere.

Cut for your pleasure: )

* I started the paper bureaucracy today. Next comes the great document treasure hunt. If it fails, I get to spend a lot of my sleep cycle Monday on hold with social security. Then I discovered a crash ate my lj entry, so I've been having an adventure reconstituting.

* "The Baudelaires’ Misery Continues with Mysteries and Mushrooms:"

* "That Was Season Six:"

* Re: the Fey/Fallon bit on SNL. They nailed the costumes, but whiffed the accents. His sounded... like bad Southern? Vaguely? Like WTF was that accent? Hers was closer, close enough I could tell which Philly accent she was trying for, but she'd slip and it would throw me off. I think if his hadn't been so distractedly bad, hers wouldn't have been a problem for me. As it was I was so busy parcing his accent debacle, that I have no idea what the content was like, and can't comment.

* "Loras Tyrell Deserved Better:"

* ToS Rewatch:

- We Need to Talk About the Sexual Assault of Yeoman Rand.

TW: Sexual Assault: ) And the real horror is, that no one notices that this IS a horror.

- Mudd's Women. As the GROWN MEN can't think for all the blood rushing for the big head to the little one, why don't they just staff the Bridge with straight women and gay men? They could do that also for interrogation and medical examination of the four. Just saying. This is the first episode in which yeoman Rand is not sexually harassed in ToS so far, probably because all the straight men are too busy ogling the passengers. As to the rest... this episode makes me want to hit someone, but I've not the eloquence to unpack that.

- What Are Little Girls Made of. Ah, Robot Lurch. Ruk no! Ruk YES! That is so not how you make an android. Just saying. Kirk breaks his first computer by being Kirk. Take one drink. In this case, by sexually harassing her.

- Miri. I know what it looked like to them, but all I can think of is, they are beating up a dying child, and calling zim "it." So seriously, how is there another earth here with humans and continents identical to ours? Why are the 300 year old clothes intact? How is there still edible food after 300 years. I have so many questions. Kirk is so creepy here. There is no way Miri and the onlies leader are "just starting puberty." The homicidal female jealousy thing is an ugly sexist trope and I quietly loathe it. Where did the two red shirts go who were on planet at episode start? Why weren't they guarding the lab or doing the chasing about? Why are they not there for the middle scenes up until they randomly appear for Bones' collapse.

- Dagger of the Mind. So there are no readings on that big old panel to let them know whether or not they are beaming up live things instead of just inert cargo. This episode is the earliest data point on our TNG era Federation brainwashes prisoners theory. Does Star Fleet not have an HR? Because a world of inappropriate seems to go on as implied by Kirk's history with the Psychiatrist in his own command.


* Hurricane Matthew has been catastrophic for the people of Haiti. 800 or more are dead and 60,000 or more displaced. Want to help?

There is a whole list of charities at the top of the page here:

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Donate to help refugees "UN Refugee Agency:"

* Organizations helping with the refugee crisis:

* A list of LGBTQA Charities:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "How funding changes in NSW locked women out of domestic violence:"

* Two police in Ferguson were shot during the usual police harassment of protesters. I'm sorry it happened, but I suspect it was inevitable.

* "There Will Never Be An OU Chapter Of SAE, Either:"

* "Saks Settles Trans Discrimination Lawsuit With Leyth Jamal:"

* "Thoughts on the Friendzone:"

* Knowing it was coming doesn't make the loss of Terry Pratchett any less sad. I will miss his voice so much.

* "Trail of Tools Reveals Modern Humans' Path Out of Africa:"

* So it turns out the baby puke yellow is not the real colour, BTW. They are painting it over in a particularly ugly shade of olive green that actually manages to be uglier. It's really bad right now as with building B (First one getting done), the Third floor is all puke, the second is koolaid poop olive, and the bottom is this fake rock stuff that is like the original set I was not much fond of in mostly yellow and orange. My colour blind 8th grade science teacher would have dressed like this building.

* I need tech help. How do I turn on Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services on my pavilion lap top?

I’m guessing the girl cat turned one or both off with her ass, but the troubleshoot function does not tell me how to turn them back on.

* Our Financial Situation continues Scary: or
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* "How the US helped create the border crisis:"

Embed: )

* TW: Rape. "Sonia Nazario:"

Embed: )

* Yes, I grew up with Gilbert and Sullivan, but I am not blind to how incredibly offensive the Mikado is to Japanese Americans. It's definitely a case of extremely racist yellow face. I support the people protesting in Seattle. It's time we retire this one, folks.

* "Calling Out The US Conference Of Catholic Bishops Transphobia:"

* "Say Hello To Andreja!:"

* "The Word - See No Equal:"

Embed: )

* "Five Officers and a Gentle Man - Brandishing Blackness:"

Embed: )

* The fuck! They nearly doubled the dues in July without warning. Living here suddenly went from viable to impossible. I can't afford to move and My housing Assistance is gone. (Ten year waiting list to get back on.) We are so fucking fucked.

thewynne said: Jesus, I’m sorry. I’d offer to help out if I could. That shit doesn’t sound legal though, is it possible to talk them out of it?

Oh, it’s legal and back dated to January. It explains why my accounts weren’t coming out right since June. Apparently, they voted in the near doubling just before I took possession. They claim they sent notice, but it disappeared into the same hole my automatic rent withdraw paperwork fell into, I expect. So now I not only owe the back rent from them losing my paperwork, but now my rent is about two hundred less than my social security, and energy bills come out to nearly two hundred… yeah, fucked.

It’s a home owner’s association, so they can do anything they like to me. I’m guessing this is how they paid for the big refurbishment project that will likely kill my garden sometime in August.

* Oh and to cap off the shittiness? While I was asleep someone threw my laptop on the floor, damaging it. The battery popped out and I can't get it back in and ripping out the speakers damaged the plastic so that speakers no longer can be plugged in so I can hear things well enough to understand them. It's irreplaceable. Of course.

Why didn't I notice right away? Someone put the computer back in it's place, only backward, which I thought was weird, but didn't have time to worry about in the middle of trying to trace the WTF on the financial stuff. I found the battery, when I stepped on it when I came over to start doing it. I noticed the speakers when I went to listen to a clip.

* "Euphemisms For Body Parts In Romance Novels : A Ranking :"

* "Nordstrom Just Celebrated Diversity, in a Big Way That's Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good Inside:"

* Seanan McGuire's "Sparrow Hill Road" is amazing. At first, it looks like loosely connected short stories, but it's not. It's a cleverly designed set of tightly constructed stories that spiral up and down the timeline to create an arc that is tense and beautiful. Nothing is wasted and nothing is only what it seems to be. I love the Newsflesh Trilogy, but this is the cleverest, most complex, and deepest thing I think she's written, all while making it look effortless and light. You can read it skating the surface, or you can plunge all the way down to Midnight. you can ride the plot like a wave or you can soar above, stunned by the intricacy of the knotwork of the story design. I suspect a lot of people will miss the clever because the prose is so light, but I for one stand amazed my how much planning and thought must have gone into making it look like there wasn't.
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* TW: Rape. It is thought that the 200 girls kidnapped from school in Nigeria have been sold into forced marriages in Cameroon. Other have likely been "married" by the kidnappers.

* "How are we different and what gave us the advantage over extinct types of humans like the Neanderthals?:"

* "Ancient DNA: Barnyard chickens living just a few hundred years ago looked far different from today's chickens:"

* "Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmers:"

* "Rock engravings discovered near Palakkad:"

* "Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico:"

* "Mysterious caves uncovered:"

* "Ancient Greeks Fixed Matches 1,700 Years Ago:"

* "Lead in 'tap-water' in ancient Rome up to 100 times more than local spring waters:"

* "Aboriginal people - how to misunderstand their science:"

* "A Legume With Many Names: The Story Of 'Goober':"

* "Remember that time when a #TERF tried to force all #trans people into conversion therapy:"

* Housing Update: The reason they did not call was they were actually searching properly for my paperwork. They found it. Given that by not looking for it properly they could have charged us aprox. $1000.00 of fees, I am actually kind of impressed. I had in fact turned in the auto withdraw with all my initial move in paperwork in early November. It had gotten filed without being processed into the computer. As they'd made a rather big screw up, they are giving us time to raise the back HOA charge. She didn't give a firm get it by X date, but really it was implied I need to sort this out this month. Then to start raising property tax money for the end of Summer. Crisis is looking temporarily averted. When I see what money comes in, I'll do the math on how short we are and work from there.

* I really need to set up ebay sales, but not today. Today, I need to sit still.

* Hector's been yoyoing again for days, which steals my sleep. I subscribe to Squirrel's theory that he's forgetting Mache is dead. He wakes up and can't find her on her spot in my bed. He goes searching the apartment for her, panics, starts howling. I wake up, and call until he comes. He runs to me terrified and relieved. I pet him until he calms down. I drift off to sleep. He realizes Mache isn't in her spot, rinse and repeat, often for hours. Today he was caterwauling full volume. I think he didn't recognize the apartment either, poor little guy.

I am feeling like I've been beaten repeatedly, which is a thing that happens when I push my body to hard and can't get proper sleep. It is at least half my fault.

* I've got circular swaps with openings.
Hot drinks:
Scented Products:
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* "How to get beyond the parasite economy:"

* "What I Learned About Stop-and-Frisk From Watching My Black Son:"

* "Where Are All the Babies in Archaeological Sites?"

* "Mayan skulls reveal brutal blows to the head:"

* "Whale carcass 'cure' for rheumatism:"

* "Tired Of Black TBLG Women Getting Harassed For Going To The Bathroom:"

* "Aaron's Response To B-Daht:"

* Today's reorganization showed that I can let go the storage unit. Storage here will be tight, but I can do it. There is room on the living room shelves again, which is good as I double shelved some areas. I have some sorting and reboxing to do, but the end is really in sight. Finally.

Of course now we have inspection to prepare for and I still have bureaucracy needing doing. Sigh.

* I've got circular swaps with openings.
Hot drinks:
Scented Products:

* "Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Get A Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine):"

* "Shame of Tones - Total Eclipse of House Stark:"

Embed: )

* "Shame of Tones - Red Wedding:"

Embed: )
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* Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Rumor Control: 1. There is nothing inherently suspicious about a pilot owning a flight simulator. A lot of them do it for a variety of pretty obvious reasons. As a society, I think it is better we encourage pilots to practice flying a bunch of different types of planes under a wide variety of conditions, rather than assume every pilot that does this is a terrorist. I know I'd rather have a pilot who likes to practice flying than one that doesn't. 2. I am told that saved flight simulator flights eat storage space, so people regularly delete ones they don't need, just like people regularly delete old saved games on their home computers or game consoles after they don't need them any more. Think about how many files you've deleted in the last month. now imagine if you deleted any, everyone decides you must be a terrorist. You see the problem, right? 3. We know fuck all about what happened on that plane. The existing evidence can be interpreted a variety of ways. Absent physical evidence in the form of a black box or degree, there is a chance we will continue to know fuck all. People hate ambiguity and they want closure. I get it. Trust me, I get it. I've done the terrible wait to find out if someone I cared about is alive or dead, and it really is worse not knowing and suspecting than not knowing. It is way better to know exactly what happened and who is responsible than not knowing. Yes, even when the answer is a terrible one. I have a huge amount of sympathy for the people wanting to know. The thing I find irresponsible is all the speculation, terror mongering, and lies reported as truth. That is even crueler than the whole terrible wait thing. 4. Yes, I am aware of the current wave of leaks and official announcements of dubious truthfulness. I also know that various of these sources contradict and I think this is more people wanting an answer whether it's the right one or not. I'm pointing back at point 3 here. This looks a lot more like evidence that officials continue to know fuck all about what happened than it does like some sort of massive cover up. While I think the authorities have done a particular poor job at investigating and communicating about findings, especially early on in the disaster, I also am aware that part of the problem is that the Malaysian authorities had no real experience dealing with this sort of disaster. A lot of the bad decisions are likely inexperience. In the United states, we have excellent professional investigators who have dealt with a whole lot of types of crashes, so we have high expectations both about investigation speed and quality, but also about authorities knowing how to hold a press conference during or after a disaster. This crash is pretty clearly above average weird, and while it would have been better for the Malawians to release raw data to cooperating agencies, we don't actually know whether or not it would help. (see point 3). It is also not necessarily obvious to the average person that they might need some sort of media training until they have already failed at it. Look at all the newly famous celebrities who do it badly out of ignorance. Now add in the massive pressure and distress of a disaster and you get people communicating poorly by accident. Communications in disasters are best handled by people trained to do it. Again, there's a pretty massive number of bad decisions here from the press conferences to the lack of a website to organize and inseminate information, to texting people that their relatives are dead. I just think it's vastly more likely to be a product of people panicking or freezing or being over their heads without knowing it, than for it to be something malicious. Yes, the political situation is complicated, and yes, that's likely made things worse, but I don't think the bulk of the bad decisions were made out of spite.

What I'm saying here, is let's not run ahead of available information.

* "Mudslide tragedy prompts review of past studies:"

Embed: )

* "Japanese Tea Ritual Turned 15th Century 'Tupperware' Into Art:"

* "Veteran suicide epidemic is focus of new bill:"

Embed: )

* "Deconstructing a 'race hustler':"

Embed: )

* Petition to Stop Them Denying Prisoner's Access to Books:

* "The First Same-sex Couples in the UK married today :"

* "Vandalized UK National Trans Memorial Restored:"

* "Drag Culture Is A Major Reason We Even HAVE A Trans Community:"

* "Trans Pride Flag History:"

* I wish Linked In would stop trying to convince me to link up with dead people. It makes me sad to see a long list of dead people I used to know and there seems to be no way to tell them to stop.

* Greenwick was kind enough to come help today. We took a bunch of things to mail, sold a bunch of books, broke down about half of the cardboard wall, took out trash and recycling, finished cleaning the spare tanks, and did a bunch of things around the apartment needing doing. I have another month on the storage unit, so I've decided to focus on fiddly stuff like reorganization and putting things away properly for the rest of the week as I am tired and hurt. I've got a bunch of bureaucracy to do anyway. Tomorrow I see my lung guy and try to talk him into trying to fix the November Con crud again, as it's gotten really bad again and I need my lungs to be clear by mid-May. I also do a massive Goodwill donation as that's the same bit of town and I've got car full of stuff to go. Friday I've got three options for what to do next, though odds are high I'll need a rest day. Sunday at minimum we take more stuff upstairs as I've a big stack ready to go up we didn't get to. There are options after depending on what time is left. The end is in sight, I just need to hang on for a few more weeks.
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* North Korea has tested two missiles. They launched them towards Japan and they landed in the sea.

* A ten year old body is in critical condition in Turkey because the police hit him in the head with a tear gas canister while protesting the death of another young boy who was killed when the police hit him in the head with a tear gas canister.

* Sixteen bodies have been recovered, but they found eight others from the disaster in Oso. At least a hundred are still missing and it is not looking good. The Red is raising money for survivors who've lost everything. The Red Cross cannot accept donations of clothes and other items, but they are in need of cash and blood donations. You can donate money by texting "RedCross" to "90999", phone 1-800-REDCROSS, or go here on the web:

Look, I've never been closer to Oso than Arlington, but it's a terrifying thing to have happened to anybody.

* I've been very vocal about my belief that birth control should be covered by insurance, but in a similar vein, I think HIV testing should be covered and I'm furious that it isn't. Early detection really helps people. I get that not treating AIDS saves insurance companies money, but I really think our health care system needs restructuring to focus on the health of human type people instead of it solely being about high profits for insurance companies as it is now.

* "Storms expose ancient human remains on Harlyn Bay near Padstow:"

* "Iron Age woman's footless body found:"

* "3,200-year-old skeleton found with cancer:"

* "Ovid’s Ancient Beauty Elixirs:"

* "Ancient palace ruins unearthed in central China :"

* "Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?:"

* "What medieval Europe did with its teenagers:"

* "Underneath the Arches: Celebrating Borough Market:"

* "Bodies of 19th century convicts found by emergency archaeology team near Portsmouth:"

* Assorted commentary on the shitty way most of the media has behaved regarding Malaysia Airlines flight 370:

Embed: )

* As exhausting as clearing the storage unit is proving to be, I have to admit unpacking the books was fun. It was like a combination of opening wonderful presents and seeing old friends.

* Last year, I couldn't find my thesis on my hard drive or in the place I used to keep the hard copy. I thought I'd never see it again because it's trapped behind a pay wall. I found a hard copy in the great storage document sort. I must have packed in a storage box during the move to the previous apartment due to the lack of space there. It's rather a relief. I have no plans ever to read the monstrous thing again, but the bibliography is really useful when I want to look certain things up or list sources for people. With it I found one of the papers I did I was actually proud of, the one on the topic I actually wanted to do my thesis on. I vaguely remember finding my Euripides was a misogynist monster classics paper (It started as a 2 page theme on Medea at some point when I was an undergraduate. For another class I made it a five, then a ten, then every time I got assigned a theme I could fit I added another Euripedes play or two. It's not plagiarism as it was my damned paper and I always added the amount of new material assigned. It was quite large when I got my first graduate degree. If I'd stayed in academia, it would likely have grown into a book.) in the previous document sort a few weeks ago and have an even vaguer memory of the related language paper being in the batch with it. If so, I now have access to three of five things I did in college that I'm really proud of research wise. Another one might be in the stack of late Medieval/Tudor things I tossed in the academic file drawer. I know a bunch of the related materials to it ended up in there. It was a 40 pager on ritual as Propaganda. I did not see the Patrology/Roman history cross over one I wrote the week I had a fever varying between 102 and 104). I know, I know most of you know me as a banana fingered curmudgeon, but I'm also someone who researches things for fun and has pretty much since I learned to read. I LIKE being able to through together a good reading list if someone asks me for one. I LIKE being able to pull the right reference off my shelves to settle an argument or look up a half remembered fact when I'm writing something or plotting for a game I'm running.

* Apparently Agents of SHEILD is still on the air. I assumed it had to have been cancelled by now. Is anyone still watching it? Did it get any better? Did they reveal how they resurrected Phil? Have they told him he was dead yet? I'm vaguely curious, but not enough to sit through an episode.

* Glee 5:13: New Directions

Embed: )

* I don't want to talk about today. My physical deterioration since going off the antibiotics is freaking me out a little.

* I did have my first scene with a stranger on a Public MUSH since my return. No one ate me.
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* I haven’t written about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, mostly because nearly everything I’ve seen in the press is speculative. It seems cruel to me to speculate in a way that verges on disaster porn in a situation like this when so many people are waiting to hear what happened to people they care deeply about. I’m mostly writing now as I am worried that the release of the details of the men traveling on Iranian and stolen passports has me concerned about the sort of racialized speculation I will wake up to tomorrow. Let’s try not to get ahead of the facts, okay? I know uncertainty is hard for people, but I think it is kinder to wait until more is known before finger pointing.

* "The Real Welfare Queens:"

* "Right-wing columnist urges GOP to abandon outreach: ‘Colorblind conservatism’ is futile:"

* I have trouble believing that the authors of this list have ever had good sex. "Things to do instead of sex:"

* "30,000-year-old virus is revived:"

* "Flu viruses derive from a global selective sweep in the 1870s:"

* "Climate Change Behind Trapped Heat in Oceanic Depths:"

* "Today, sex workers oppose criminalization of clients:"

* "Annie Is Black, And The Pointed White Hoods Come Out:"

* "Dear Christina Fallin:"

* "Meet The American Pushing Homophobia in Uganda:"

* "The Forces Behind The 'Religious Freedom' Movement That Exploded Last Week:"

* "Handbook for Homophobes:"

* "CeCe McDonald: Rebuilding Her Life After 19 Months in Prison:"

* Yesterday we brought in another car load and a half from the storage unit. I managed to sort and absorb a massive amount of miscellanea. This cull is particularly brutal. I am going to be getting rid of books along with a massive amount of mementos. (I found a birthday check I lost in 1993 from my long dead Grandmother in a card. I found love letters, and wedding invitations, and cards. Nearly all must go). I hate selling books, but it must be done. I have enough books for a whole other apartment this size full of bookshelves, library style, and am unlikely to live anywhere larger. It is still a little like slicing off bits of flesh. Some of these were parent's or grandparents, and I started buying books for myself in lower school.

Today Hector was particularly nightmare prone and I kept having to wake up and calm him down. About halfway through the sleep cycle I had that thing where I could barely turn over for the pain. Apparently I sprained my ankle yesterday at some point. (High pain threshold + plush constant widespread pain= i hurt myself all the time without noticing.) I ended up doing the serious muscle relaxant thing and lounging in bed with hector watching Boardwalk Empire thing. (I'm in season 3. Please don't tell me things I haven't seen yet). I am picking at the book boxes, sorting and moving things about.

* TW: Spiders, Eye Stuff. "At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Once I got it, I couldn’t believe it.:"

* "Objects of Intrigue: Mickey Mouse Gas Mask:"

* "Polish movie posters:"

* "Sunday Sweets: Art"

* Grimm: I I am really angry they didn't tell Wu. I hate when the plot is pushed by refusal to share important information. I hate that they let Wu doubt himself and that ignorance is doing him serious harm. I hate that when they finally decide to develop Wu beyond the stereotypical emasculated comedy Asian trope he's been to this point that they seem to be planning to stick him in the plot box. I'd love to be wrong, but I expect to be furious next week.
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* Armed men have taken two airports in the Crimea for Russia and others are surrounding the State Broad caster. It is looking like the Russians have invaded, though no war has been declared, and they are hiding insignia.

* Uganda is pitching a fit over the World Bank "delaying" their loan and Europe cutting aid because of their law prescribing life time imprisonment for LGBT people. They insist that people redirecting the money to Aid Organizations is "blackmail" and "slavery." China is not expecting to withdraw its Aid.

* I find the Republican argument that a Doctor refusing life saving medical treatment is an example of "tolerance," and that expecting Doctors to treat all patients with dignity is what the NAZIs would do fundamentally perverse. Shouldn't that be the exact opposite of what Republicans are saying it is?

* Tired of having to teach your doctor how to treat you? A resource you can point zim at:

* I saved up energy all week in the correct assumption that Wednesday and Friday would wipe me out. I've also been getting crap for sleep because once someone wakes me it takes hours to get it back and between Hector and the phone I'm lucky to get four-five hours in three chunks.

Today Greenwick and I closed out the old apartment and started on the off site storage. It is cold and super windy, so I'm going to have to bring the boxes one load at a time to sort here. I am hoping that no one breaks into the car as it's full until Sunday, when Greenwick comes back to help me unload it. I spent the evening trying to put away cleaning supplies and books. I am achy and exhausted and my body is threatening a melt down.

I have burned my hand, which is making everything harder.
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* Look, the Revolution in Ukraine is not about us, and there is a real fear that the Russians will invade the Ukraine. The best thing we can do is watch quietly to see what happens, as our posturing and dick swinging as the likes of John McCain are demanding we do run the risk of provoking exactly the result we don't want. Nothing good can come of our intervening at this stage and throwing our wight around can do a lot of harm.

* Here's a radical idea: Instead of wasting vast amounts of money on outdated military technology the military doesn't want because it is an extremely inefficient job program, we could spend all that money on more efficient jobs programs like infrastructure spending. That way, instead of equipment we don't need and won't use, we'd get bridges that don't collapse during rush hour and utilities less likely to be knocked out by storms. Also, military spending is worth about a quarter of what infrastructure spending is worth as far as job creation and economic stimulus. We could lower unemployment and goose the economy while getting stuff we actually need instead of pissing it away like the Republicans want. Just saying.

* "No Nugent Is Good Nugent:"

* I am not fond of the ableism at the end, but we need to know what sort of people the Republicans are electing and the damage they do to education. "Arizona State Senator Says He Opposes Common Core Because… It Promotes Algebra:"

* "Climate change goes back to the Supreme Court:"

* "Oldest Rock Speck Zeros In On Earth's Cooling Date:"

* Alas, no Mutter Museum. TW: Dead Things, Parasites. "World's 10 weirdest medical museums:"

* "Absurd Creature of the Week: This Fish Swims Up a Sea Cucumber's Butt and Eats Its Gonads - Wired Science:"

* Signal Boost, because this is important. "Revival Of The Sickest:"

* Ignore the "Atlantis" silliness. the press does that every time they find a drowed settlement, and it looks like a really interesting find. "11,000-Year-Old Settlement Found Under Baltic Sea:"

* Some of these look more trans than LGB. "21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality:"

* A bunch of European governments are yanking aid to Uganda in the wake of them passing a bill mandating life in prison for LGBT Folks. Meanwhile, we threaten and fling rhetoric, but I don't have a lot of hope that we will follow suit, given that members of our Congress helped write the original "Kill the Gays" Bill and have encouraged the passage of the revision.

* "Letter To A Young Black Canadian Trans Ally:"

* The measure to bar trans children from using the restrooms at their schools failed to make the ballot in California.

* Gov. Brewer bowed to massive corporate pressure and vetoed the anti-Gay Segregation law in Arizona. It is so nice when for once the big money is on the side of justice.

* More than 400 cases of anti-LGBT discrimination have been filed in Arizona in the last four years. Number of cases of Gay people oppressing Christians in that time period? Zero. Number of gays oppressing Christians in Arizona in the whole history of Arizona? Zero. The Republican Argument for imposing Segregation in Arizona amounted to the imaginary threat of something that hasn't happened once trumps the civil and human rights of people who were already being routinely impressed.

* Now let's apply this when folks ask, "Why can't you just stay in the closet?" "Why You Can't Keep a Secret:"

* "Anarchy in the Ukraine:"

Embed: )

* "Outrage over Military Budget Cuts:"

Embed: )

* Today we moved the rest of Squirrel's stuff out of the old Apartment. Greenwick and I took apart, sorted, and put half back in the upstairs storage. The rest is all over the living room. O.o Then I kept Greenwick company as he climbed on ladders and did things like cleaning the blinds. Friday, Greenwick steam cleans the carpets, we lift out the cleaning supplies and miscellanea and I turn in the keys. I've been low on spoons with Hector not really letting me get proper sleep, and am exhausted from all that lifting. I should move more boxes around, but I just want to lie down. Note: I am several fdays behind on just about everything and expect to remain so for something like two weeks. If it's important, PM me, as I'm apt to miss postings.

* Three crocuses have bloomed! So few of the bulbs flowered last year that it's really exciting to see so many crocuses and hyacinths budding, and particularly to have actual flowers already even with the surprise snow.

* The half yearly property tax bill has come. It will wipe me out, but it is a touch lower than expected. Guys, I think we lowered the property values for our complex just by moving in here. I am all for school funding, but at the same time, I am pretty much out of money and have no plan to sell until after I'm dead, so....

* This is brilliant. TW for those phobic about bugs. "A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum:"

* I think it says something about the quality of "Bitten" that I failed to notice it was back from the first commercial break, mistaking it for a particularly cheesey phone commercial....
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* As of this writing, 18 were dead in the fighting in Kiev, but the number is steadily rising and both sides are reporting different things, so that number is tentative and likely to go up. The fighting continues to escalate and people have started talking about whether or not this is the start of a Civil War. How did this happen overnight? There had been negotiations in recent weeks and things looked like they might resolve, but while a delegation was negotiating better terms from the EU with Angela Merkel, Putin upped his offer. People were seeing an end to their chance to align with the West at the same time the government's hand was strengthened. The gloves came off and all out fighting broke out. Parts of Kiev are on fire and people are fighting street to street. My best wishes to the rebels in Kiev and my thoughts are with the survivors of the dead.

* I know the report on North Korean Human Rights abuses may feel a bit dog bites man, but it actually does help to have it officially acknowledged internationally and for there to be such a wealth of evidence to back it up.

* "White Men’s Freedoms and Black Men’s Lives :"

* "Stand Your Ground is simply an invitation to more killing, not less crime:"

* "It's the guns:"

* "A Bitter Valentine's Day:"

* "The Plot to Kill Ed Koch:"

* "You Don't Wanna Talk About Race, That's On You:"

* "Not Everyone Is Happy About This Louisville Billboard:"

* "It is not my job to pave your road to redemption:"

* Monday was #terfmonday, a twiiter protest against radical feminist exclusion of folks who aren’t able bodied white cis women. I don’t tweet, but I have friends who do and I think some really important things were said.

I believe strongly that feminism needs to be intersexual and inclusive. It so often doesn’t live up to that to my fury and sorry. Feminists need to be better than this.

We need to be better than this.

* "Regional grey matter structure differences between transsexuals and healthy controls-:"

* "The microstructure of white matter in male to female transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A DTI study:"

* "A Sex Difference in the Human Brain and its Relation to Transsexuality:"

* A real hero has died. "Jaci Adams (1957-2014):"

* "Adam Hunter, Chill With The Unfunny, Transmisogynistic Jokes:"

* I am always wary of people who can not tell the difference between consensual sex and rape. Just saying. "The TERF brigade changes the meaning of consent:"

* I did manage my errands despite my lungs and Hector stealing most of the sleep. There was also housework and more box tetris as I move boxes around to places they need to be for unpacking.
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* A volcano has erupted in Java, forcing tens of thousand people to evacuate nearby areas. It sounds like the government has set up temporary shelters. As terrible as it is three people died when their roofs collapsed under the weight of ash and gravel, I'm glad so many were able to make it to safety. Best of luck to the survivors. I haven't seen estimates of how bad the damage is or how many homes were destroyed. I will let you know when I know about relief efforts.

* The back room politics behind the debt ceiling raise this time is fascinating, but I simply haven't the energy to explain something this complicated when I am this tired.

* Similarly, a whole other misappropriation of federal funds scandal involving the Christie Administration and the port Authority in New Jersey has broken.

* Also, there was yet another coal industry spill poisoning a river in West Virginia and a related scandal with a politician still in the pocket of his former employer having repeatedly prevented that coal company ever having to pay for massive poisoning and polluting of water sources, let alone stop poisoning citizens in wild life. It's big and important, but the amount of work I'd have to do to present it properly makes me tired just thinking about it.

* "This is why we have two nostrils, rather than a single, large hole in the middle:"

* I did manage to get the long shelf up and start the kitchen reorganization, but so much still to do.

* "Sartre & Peanuts:"

* Jake Lake on "Valentine’s Day:"

* A Love song for Valentine's Day. This is the song that I still think best captures the sensation of falling in love. I miss the people and the time it represents for me, so these days it is as much about mono no aware and the beauty of impermanence for me:

Embed: )

* As is the custom, my Anti-Valentine's Day song

Embed: )
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* "Republican Official Calls For Gays To Be 'Purged' From GOP:"

* "8 Former Republicans Who Ditched the Extremist GOP:"

* "Young American adults abandon religion in record numbers:"

* "Three endangered whooping cranes shot in US:"

* "Deep sea (mesopelagic) fish biomass 10 times more than previously thought:"

* "How the vastly improbable has determined what animals got where:"

* "Biology of early human relative uncovered:"

* "New study changes conceptions about the determinants of skull development and form:"

* "England's 'only female doctor'?"

* "The defeat that stunned Victorian Britain:"

* "Justice Department To Launch Push For Full Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage:"

* This is a site that people can go on to share safe to pee restrooms. Even if you aren't trans, please add safe restrooms to the database. It will help a whole lot of people out. "REFUGE restrooms:"

* Today there was not nearly enough sleep. Oh, I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I dropped the good DvD player, and ended up spending an hour prying it open to fix it and putting it back together. The good news is it was fixable. I just needed to pop it open, extract the trapped DvD, unscrew an interior cover, pop the tray back into place, and close it all back up. Of course Hector freaked the fuck out. He's been having particularly bad nightmares what with us losing his Mache cat, and he's really clinging to his rituals. I looked like I was going to bed, and then I didn't. He committed everywhere, which I discovered by stepping in a puddlew when I went to put the screwdrivers away. I cleaned myself and the floor, medicated Hector, and went to put more bits and bobs away, discovering another puddle with my foot.

I had just got into bed when Squirrel got back from work. He wanted to try out his new slow cooker, but is very new to cooking, so I put on pants and showed him how to make baste, donating some of my veggie broth and herbs. I know nothing of crock pots; I grew up poor, so my cooking is very old school equipment and making from scratch, but I know all sorts of basic things including meat stuff that I never use for myself, but can remember in a pinch when cooking for others. Squirrel's tastes are very simple, so I did a basic garlic and herb set up, but his meat with two veg (not a euphemism) smelled right when I got back from my collection of small errands I was doing and he said it tasted good. I'm so happy for him learning to cook.

I managed to zombie out of bed in time to do a list of small errands I wanted to do before I left town tomorrow. My shelving arrives Friday. Two of the errands were a fail, as one clearly requires a second pair of hands, and the other one involved finding a business I hadn't been to in it's new location and the map was vague enough that I simply couldn't find it and didn't have time to keep searching. (Either the business was no longer there and the Internet map out of date, or their signage sucked. It was dusk and the signs that weren't lighted were hard to read. Both are possible). I missed making a phone call before leaving, it being to late by the time I achieved enough control to be moving around. I succeeded at another when I got back. I achieved three errands including ordering the shelving, and dropped two errands off the bottom for it being time to turn over the car to Squirrel for his game night. Now starts the moving of boxes to make room for shelves, the organizing of directions, and the packing up of an overnight bag for tomorrow's mission. I am already tired.

* For the record, I really like the Arthur Darvill as Mephistopheles version of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. It is beautiful and exactly the right level of stylized for my taste.
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* "Band-aids on cesspools’ in West Virginia:"

Embed: )

* Attn: Greenwick. Welsh geekery:

* Extremely interesting findings. "Genomes of modern dogs and wolves provide new insights on domestication:"

* "Gin as tonic: Alcohol in medicine:"

* "World War I Diaries Of British Soldiers Digitized:"

* "MHP: You can drop the mic, Eric Holder:"

Embed: )

* "Why Y'all So 'Scurred' Of Black Trans People Owning Their Power?:"

* "Redefining Advocacy:"

We need to have each others' backs. That goes a hundred fold when it's those who have the least privilege and face the biggest physical danger for being Out who are under attack.

* "First Ever Black Trans Homecoming King Crowned:"

* This place often gives the impression of being haunted. It isn't, it's just a confluence of mundane things that can create an eerie effect. There are the strange gurglings and rumbling in the walls caused by water in the pipes and other people's appliances. The higher tech appliances make different sounds than I am used to including the sound of ice moving in the ice maker. The cats' claws move over laminate, which is different than the sound on hard wood I grew up with. They vigorously scoot food bowls across the floor as they eat, a strange, rhythmic sound. Hector rooting through garbage or knocking things off counters sounds like a grumpy poltergeist or phantom, some noisy but invisible roommate banging about the kitchen. And then there are the effects of shadow and light. For the last month, I'd catch changes in light behind me in the kitchen area, a sudden movement of shadow or an unexpected darkening. It turned out to be a light bulb failing and changing in intensity as it heated up and hector knocking a low fixture temporarily askew. The white curtains on the windows lead to some odd light effects as people pass briefly between sun and window. My Zombie Apocalypse shower curtain that now covers my bedroom door gives some fascinatingly creepy shadow images: Squirrel like a well fed Nosferatu lurks slowly past on his way out the door, Hector moving on the bed and jumping down make monster shapes. It is not haunted, but it gives that impression.

I like it.

I like opening my eyes to all that bright cheerful blue. I am still always disoriented for a moment on waking, but it will pass. My bed still makes me think of Princess and the pea, or islands, but I've ,mostly adjusted. I always did love heights, and my Mother built me a loft bed at some point in my growing up, so the height is a physical challenge, not a mental one.

We have reached the point in the move where there isn't much point in unpacking much more without the shelving. I've got some small stuff to do while I wait, but things are on the downhill slope towards done, and this is home, even with the terrible tub.

* Revised plans for Tuesday: I have a Doctor's appointment here. When I'm done, I catch a bite to eat, then drive down to Renton to find the clinic. I then drive further South as Captain Havoc has kindly offered entertainment and crash space. Thanks, Havoc! In the morning I do my informed consent gatekeeper appointment.
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* Riot police have been firing tear gas at protesters and beating them in Brazil. I know we are mostly focused on the violent repression of LGBT folk in Russia, and I am absolutely in favor of putting whatever pressure we can on Russia and the IOC, but I wanted to remind people that the government in Brazil is doing some pretty terrible things to ordinary citizens to finance sports facilities for the World Cup and the Olympics. I've said before and I know I'll say again that the IOC and FIFA need to stop endorsing human rights abuses such as are happening in Russia and Brazil. I honestly don't think they should hold Olympics in the United States until we do something about our prison abuses either. They claim that they can't take a stand against human rights abuses, as that would be political, but holding games in Russia where they are allowing people to beaten and literally murdered with government sanctions is not okay. FIFA has held games in countries where they were literally murdering and disappearing protesters quite often in recent years. Much as I like the idea of finally holding games in South America, I'm not convinced that causing this level of hardship to teachers and other people who work for a living to build facilities that mostly benefit the elite is worth it. Olympics and World Cup venues are expensive and are luxuries. Maybe if they are going to have incredibly expensive luxuries against the will of the people the rich ought to pay for that. Instead they bleed ordinary people dry and beat them when they protest. It's not okay when they do it. It's not okay when the Olympics and FIFA encourage and endorse it.

* In the wake of an activist being released after being tortured, there is increasing concern about "disappeared" protesters. The protesters continue to demand the government step down and new elections to be held. My best wishes to the missing and their families.

* "April attack that knocked out California power station raises fear that U.S. power grid is vulnerable to terrorism.:"

* "A Creepy Medical Tour Of The Past:"

* "Moni Ain't Happy About The Bigoted White Trans Feminine Attack On Janet:"

* Today Greenwick and I did sundry move related things, including a massive reorganization of the on site storage. Somehow I must clear all these boxes in time for game Sunday. I then took Djinni and Greenwick shopping, as they wanted heavy stuff like cat litter, which is hard to haul on foot.

...And I dropped a bunch of heavy stuff on my foot trying to organize stuff in the evening and now it's all bruised and swollen.

The white cats are unsettled, working out a new dynamic. No one is sure who owns what territorially and they are working out rules and time shares on mests. I expect this to take some time. Hector is swinging between anxious and bratty. He has decided kibble isn't food. He is wrong. He's stop trying to get me to help him look for Mache. We're doing once a day goosh, to wean them back toward the old trice a week schedule slowly. After goosh, I sprayed some of the cat furniture with the nip spray. There was a wild rumpus. They did manage to share the cat tree for quite possibly the only time ever without fighting. Of the four of them, the white cats were least likely to get along with each other before. Loneliness after the Butt died has lead to LM being more willing to share space with the senior kitties, but that was with me and Mache cooperating to enforce rules. I don't know if her pro-social upward trend will continue. I hope it does. I think they'd both be happier in the long run if they got better at tolerating each other and getting along.

* "Witches Part 1:"

* "Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sign of Four (or is it Three?):"

Embed: )

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