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* How to help Flood victims in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh:

* How to help Caribbean victims of Irma:

* "Sputnik, the Russian news agency, is under investigation by the FBI:"

* "Pope: Rescinding DACA is not 'pro-life':"

* "Senate report slams Trump foreign policy as 'apparent doctrine of retreat':"

* "Trump administration appeals to Supreme Court on refugee ban:"

* "Scoop: Jeff Sessions' lie detector idea:"

* TW: Lynching. This article contains pictures of injuries to an 8 year old who survived an attempted lynching in New England. ":"

* Guardian's live blog of Irma:

* "Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together:"

* During my appointment, I complimented my Doctor on the PreP adverts, being a huge fan of harm reduction in all it's forms. The poking and prodding part of the appointment allowed for conversation, so we got into the medical ethics of things like Prep and needle exchange. My Doctor is about a decade younger than me, and the clinic does a lot in the way of HIV+ and addiction services. She is a fierce advocate for harm reduction. (Seriously, I adore my Doctor. She's enthusiastic about trans community health outreach, and she's really on top on my ridiculously complicated medical history. As someone who spent a huge chunk of my adult life fighting Doctors to convince them to actually, you know, provide medical care instead of ignoring shit, a Doctor who is cheerful and willing to help and non-discriminatory is a huge fucking deal.) Anyway, the Plague came up, by logical extension, and the lives saved by the aggressive needle exchange program in Seattle that has slowed HIV and Hep c transmission amoung users to next to nothing. For me, the AIDs epidemic was a horrifying disaster unfolding in real time coinciding roughly with my adolescence. When we were talking about Seattle during the worst of the pre-protase inhibitor days before needle exchange took hold,she said in this soft, sad tone, "So many bodies."

Yes. So many bodies. Anything that stops that, I'm all for. I never want to see that happening again, to any community. Even with modern drugs, long term survivors remain at risk of early death, depression, and dementia. It is so much better than when the young were falling like leaves in Autumn, but please, please, take care of yourselves out there. I would much rather live in a world where no one gets HIV any more and those who have it are well cared for.

* As I wrote this, I was watching Lily Tomlin gently, charmingly, but firmly calling Dick Cavett out for his sexism over and over in the course of an interview, keeping her tone light, but absolutely refusing to give way in a mid-’80′s interview.

* Want to donate to the windshield wiper fund? (32$ Needed). Paypal

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* How to help Flood victims in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh:

* How to help Caribbean victims of Irma:

* "How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims:"

* "Disaster Relief and Support for Libraries:"

* How to help the protesters and ordinary people in Venezuela:

* "Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide:"

* A list of links to Charlottesville charities if you want to give the NAZIs a financial fuck you:

* How white Protesters can weaponize their whiteness:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Red Cross is taking donations for Western Wildfire Relief:

* (This is here as a reminder to me for later). "Can you recommend me some good books, essays, etc. about witches, witchcraft, witch trials in England?:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "How To Help Indonesia Earthquake Victims: Guide On Donating Money Or Blood After Aceh Province Disaster:"

* "What happened to China's arrested rights lawyers?:"

* "Fake US Embassy shut down after ten years in business:"

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* "Lobbyists boast of manipulating Trump:"

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* "Sanders: Trump is a 'pathological liar':"

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* "Trump intends to keep a stake in his company:"

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* "$500 billion opportunity for Exxon, Russia in Trump cabinet pick:"

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* "Trump to pick EPA antagonist to lead EPA:"

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* "Will Trump put eccentricity over expertise in choice for FDA?:"

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* "Past physical abuse accusation haunts Trump labor pick:"

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* "Poll shows Trump voter gap with facts, rest of Americans' views:"

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* "100 days to save the Republic:"

* On the Comet Ping-Pong Attack:

* "Remembering Normal:"

* "Pat McCrory concedes; Roy Cooper next NC governor:"

* "Don't mess with California (they're ready to resist Donald Trump):"

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* "Carrier union leader responds to Trump attack:"

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* "Fake news breaks through:"

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* "Ohio House passes legislation to block raising CLE minimum wage to $15:"

* How to Defend Against Someone Grabbing Your hijab:

* "State rep endures anti-Muslim harassment on trip to White House:"

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* "John Glenn, First US Astronaut to Orbit Earth, Has Died at 95:"

* "Big Furry Hat: Make iPhones That Don't Break:"

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* "Trump Gears Up to Dismantle the Government:"

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* "Trump Fakes a Deal:"

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* "Domino's Pizza Hires Delivery Reindeer:"

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* "Austria Votes Against Nationalism:"

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* "President-Elect Trump Talks to Taiwan:"

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* "The Navy Goes Green:"

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* "The Mall of America's First Black Santa:"

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* "Profiles in Tremendousness - HUD Secretary Nominee Ben Carson:"

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* "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Trump's "Thank You" Victory Tour:"

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* "Donald Trump Already Touched China's Most Sensitive Spot:"

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* "Family Meeting With Vice President Joe Biden:"

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* "Nothing Makes Trump Happier Than Being Angry:"

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* "Sigourney Weaver: We Didn't Vote For Dirty Air And Dirty Water:"

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* Yesterday's adventure was long and complicated. I got out of the apartment on schedule and while putting the bags in my trunk I spotted a moving box from Sunday's move. Luckily the eye appointment was right where the box's owner now lives, as in dropping it off would be a three block detour. I went and got my eyes poked as planned and dropped the box off after. (She was luckily home, I almost never go up there since I stopped teaching and it's the far end of town). The directions to the place that sells Medicare covered glasses were an adventure. The assistant did sensibly start drawing a map without me asking. (One of my brain little glitches is that I have trouble translating verbal directions into a map. Show me a physical map and I do really well. Give me a landmark and no more than one or two verbal direction strings and I can generally find it, but I just lose long direction strings because I can't map them quickly onto the visual and kinesthetic schema).

Unfortunately she didn't start by drawing in landmarks I knew except the name of one of the big important streets nearby. She's like, "It's right by the Burger King." Me: I've no idea where the Burger King is. Her: Do you know *Town I've lived in since '98* at all? Me: I don't eat fast food, so I don't generally know where they are. Is this near the Walgreens? Her: No. It's right by the Dennys. Me: I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat there either. Her: *makes a horribly exasperated face and draws in Home Depot* It's over here in a Mall like the one we're in. Me: I know where how Depot is. you mean the strip Mall with the good Thai Restaurant? Her: I don't eat Thai Food. *We stare at each other for several looooong moments* Her: *starts trying to sketch in more landmarks she knows* It's my the military recruiting center. Me: *gives a Gallic shrug worthy of my Dad's best French BFF* Her, now desperate: It's by the Pet ER. Me, wildly relieved: Oh! I know exactly where the Emergency Vet is!

So I dropped off the box and I knew exactly how to get to the glasses place, skipping most of the rush hour traffic. I got the stink eye from one of the recruiters who were leaving for the day. (I was in my Harkness coat, PRIDE buttons prominently displayed, and with my crutch). I was amused because the four of them looked like a perfect, diverse recruiting poster, so perfect that they could be clip art. The glasses people were delightful. I had, of course, forgotten that I can't get cheapy lenses because my eyes are so bad they won't fit them, which means I need to raise the $31.00 for the cheapest level of compressed on top of the hundredish I'm short on bills and will have to let ride. It's important to get the glasses before anyone changes my health plan on me, which happens periodically this time of year without my consent, and I've lost glasses coverage that way before.

Then there was stop and go rush hour traffic, a grocery run, and another attempt to track down my birth day present which my sister sent to two apartments ago. They were home, but they'd sent it back to the post office.

When I got up for the bathroom early in the day, Tavy was very agitated and kept going to look out the bedroom window. Snow! So much snow! I don't think we've had real snow here in half a decade what with global warning completely borking regional weather patterns. I thought we might have entirely lost Winter. While snow is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally important, it means I'm housebound until it melts. Given the noticeable melting by the time I got up for real, it likely won't be that long, which is normal for here. (The mountains protect us and the Sound keeps things warmer than they would otherwise be. That time we had two weeks of snow here in our little bay was also freakish. Normal snow here used to be a few days to a week at a time 1-3 times a Winter with cold-freezing rain in between. The snow in the mountains is absolutely crucial though for things like agriculture, so it's good to see some of that trying to rebuild, even though I doubt this year's normalish weather is anything more than a blip. The environment here is changing. Species migrating north as things heat up. It was good to get a normal year though. I missed normal). Anyway, I did not take a picture as the snow had meltd just enough to be less aesthetic.

Today I discovered one of you kind souls paid for the glasses and bills, so thank you.


* Suicide Crisis numbers:

* Victim of a Hate Crime? Report to the police first, but also report here to help the SPLC track incidents:

* Trans Relief Project:

* "Donate to the SPLC:"

* "A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support:"

* General Charities list to help groups being targeted in Trump's America:

* Where to donate to help Immigrants:

* Ways to protest:

* More ways to protest "So here’s the deal:"

* "10 ways we can help Standing Rock Indian Reservation.:"

* "List of Standing Rock Resources:"

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Organizations helping with the refugee crisis:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much:"

* "President Obama racks up some more hits:"

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* "This One Tweet Highlights A Disturbing Irony Between the McKinney Cop and Bree Newsome:"

* "The White Problem:"

* This is Important. "How White People Got Made:"

* "I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery.:"

* "He'd rather go to jail than issue same-sex marriage licenses:"

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* "John Oliver nails this moment for transgender Americans: “Let’s not get too complacent about how far we’ve come”:"

* "DOJ To Virginia School Board: Transgender Students Just Need To Pee:"

* "Is It OK To Out Someone As Transgender If They're Not Around?:"

* Personal Clarification: while it is never okay to out trans people, I am as out as I can manage. In all my social media I am clearly labelled non-binary trans. Therefore, it is okay to point someone to me on social media as a non-binary trans person. Similarly, I am completely out RL and walk around wearing buttons to that effect all winter long. (I would wear them in summer, but they do not stick well to my messenger bag). My pronouns are ze, zir, zim. (If I owned buttons with my pronouns on them, I'd wear those too.) I don't mind you correcting pronouns when I'm not around. I generally don't bother with the pronoun thing with service workers as it's frankly exhausting to everyone involved, but otherwise, have at. Again, this is just me. I have next to nothing to lose. I'm federally disabled and so can't get fired for transness. I live in one of the safest places a trans person can live, and what danger there is I willingly accept. Most people are not in my position so best to be checking individually with your trans friends as to their preferences.

There is one exception to my open door policy: I prefer people not cross the streams on my RL and online persona. I prefer that random internet people not be given my last name or information about my specific address, etc.. I like to decide which identifying details I give out. This is because I have been tracked that way before, and while it turned out all right, there is a chance it might not next time. Some of you know me rl and on the Internet. A handful of you who I've known a long time on the Internet have my personal details. I like to be the gatekeeper of who has my legal name and physical address. Beyond that? Again, have at it. I live a very transparent sort of life.

Just keep in mind that the the outness/safety balance is one every single LGBTQIA person has to decide for themselves and robbing people of safety (Except in the case of rabidly anti-gay gay public figures, where it becomes a community safety issue) is never okay. Never out private people. Never out public figures who are not posing a clear and present danger to the rights and safety of the rest of us.

* "Science Bob's Rube Goldberg Machine:"

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* I am so glad I didn't pay to see Birdman. The commercials did not look promising, and if I'd had money for movies I still wouldn't have bothered. Still, it had a lot of critical acclaim, so when i ordered award season stuff from the library last spring, I tossed it in on the off. I can see why industry people liked it. It is clever, well acted, and I'm pretty sure it's the most brutal thing about show business I've ever seen made. It was not my thing, and I could barely drag myself through it. So not for owls. Also painfully white and straight.

* "The World's Only Parrot-Fronted Death Metal Band Just Released a New Album:"

* Ebay Time:
AUTUMN FANCIES 2013 (LE, Halloweenies): (Company says: Dry grasses bathed in amber light, muted by gentle shadows.) Top of label.:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

* My RL oldest continuous friend is doing a fundraiser:

* Trying to stay afloat until August: or
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* "Walker: Union-busting prepared me for ISIS:"

* Can we take a moment to appreciate how completely unfit to run anything let alone a state or country you would have to be to think taking away union rights from a bunch of teachers and first responders is somehow preparation for dealing with ISIS, and that people exercising their rights as citizens in defense of a living wage and health benefits is the moral equivalent of rounding up civilians, murdering lots of them and selling them into slavery.

* "The other part of Christie's 'record' on abortion rights:"

* "Mr. Spock Is NOT A Republican:"

* "Early human ancestors used their hands like modern humans:"

* "‘Such a Neanderthal.’ Turns out that’s almost a compliment.:"

* This article is badly written. It should likely something like, "These are the earliest cases we've found." "Warriors suffered from post-traumatic stress '3,000 years ago':"

* "Tomb reveals burial methods of ancient age:"

* "What the collapse of ancient capitals can teach us about the cities of today:"

* "Aztec empire stretched farther than believed, according to sacrifices to goddess at Tenochtitlan:"

* "Ancient America: Aztec Metalwork:"

* "Shakespear of Arabia:"

* Re: the current resurgence of the Shakespeare's sexuality debate: I'm not a Shakespeare expert, though I am an educated amateur who has read the sonnets. Absent new evidence, I'm firmly in the Shakespeare was bisexual camp. Yes, I understand a variety of other opinions on the subject, but in these situations, I tend to take the text itself as the best authority, and arguments that make convoluted claims about him taking on personas are possible, certainly, but I don't see the evidence in front of me. These arguments require a lot of imagination on the part of the beholder, which is fine when interpreting literature, but the question is an historical one, I think. What we have are a few biographical details and the man's writing. (And yes, I'm aware of the conspiracy theories, many of them couched in class prejudice. Absent new information, I go with sole authorship by Shakespeare, while allowing that with anything historical, there is always room for new data that can change the story). I see no signs in the sonnets of a Browninglike story telling approach. They may or may not be autobiographical. The people addressed in the poems may or may not be specific real people, and could as easily be ideals or amalgamations. For me that doesn't change the fact them some sure look to be love poems addressed to women and some as clearly look like love poems addressed to men. It seems much more likely that a man would do that if his interest lay in both directions. Again, it's not proof, but it is certainly the simplest explanation and I have not yet seen a counter argument compelling enough to convince me that the simplest explanation is the wrong one. In history, absolute truth is incredibly rare. I am used to most things being about averages or best evidence. This is not intended as an attack on folks who are doing their own reasoning and coming up with Straight or Gay as their best guesses, and again, I'm not a Shakespeare expert nor do I have any degrees in English. I'm just stating my opinion as a reasonably informed amateur.

* Walking Dead: I liked the use of silences here and the way the normal was made alarming, but the extremely manipulative scare music kept pulling me out of the moment. I think Carol's interview was the creepiest thing in this episode, the weird pretend semi-regression back into who she was, when who she is now is so much better, likely to fool the Alexandrians. The level of caution today was rational.

* "Sunday Sweets: Seuss Day Treats:"

* Our Financial Situation continues Scary: or
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* Happy 150th Anniversary to the London Sewer System, an important public health measure designed to fight cholera and "The Great Stench" of the polluted Thames. I am a huge fan of separating drinking water and feces, and while such ideas were common in civilized places like China and Japan going way back, this was the first serious attempt to deal with the poop in the drinking water situation in the English Speaking world since Rome pulled out. Good on you, London sewer system, may you continue separating poop sand drinking water for centuries to come!

* "President Obama: Anti-Muslim bigotry has no place in US:"

* This one is really important. "Why is Bill O'Reilly talking about 'holy war'?:"

* "Scott Walker makes latest GOP flub in London:"

* Jeb Bush has picked 21 out of 22 people on his foreign policy team who served under his father and or brother as proof he is his "own man" and not going to do exactly what his father and brother did as elected. *side eye*

* "Democrats see advantage in running on Obama economic record in 2016:"

* "ND oil train safeguards too little, too late:"

* "Oil accidents cause another day of distress:"

* "Public sector unions dealt huge blow in Illinois:"

* "Gov. Scott Walker vs. Higher Ed:"

* "Suit alleges jails operate as debtors prisons:"

* This is really about punishing poverty, also racism and classism. "Chicago little league team stripped of title:"

* "'The Washington Generals of activism':"

* "At Least 6 Trans Women Murdered in the U.S. in 2015:"

* "Another Week, Another Trans Homicide - RIP Kristina Gomez Reinwald:"

* "Vast 5,000 year-old underground city discovered in Turkey's Cappadocia region:"

* "Van’s Iron age castle new ancient discovery:"

* "Osiris tomb discovered in Luxor:"

* "Parasite eggs from the Celtic period found:"

* Ebay time, no bids on Brood XIX:

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* Our Financial Situation continues Scary: or
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* These arrests are more proof that People of Color and poor people generally don't have first Amendment rights in this country. "Massive fast food worker protests nationwide:"

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* Looks pretty corrupt to me. "GOP won't allow Democrat to quit Kansas Senate race:"

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* "600,000-Year-Old Beauty Unveiled in E China's Nanjing:"

* "Museum rediscovers ancient skeleton in storage:"

I have such fond childhood memories of that museum.

* "Mexican Christ statue has human teeth:"

* "The lawyer who shot himself proving his case:"

* "WW1: From the trenches to Versailles:"

* "The most famous pointing finger:"

* "World War One: Who killed John Parr?:"

* "Sassoon war diaries published online:"

* "World War One battlefields 100 years on:"

* " 24 Types of Libertarian:",fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/zebvnljvpp2cfxts5hhc.png

* Fundraiser to pay insurance and back rent:
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* A really good long interview about current Egyptian politics starts here:

* "Edward Said on Orientalism:"

* "Charles Schumer discusses the need for changes in veterans' health care and the cost of college.:"

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* "The Mississippi Freedom Summer turns 50:"

Embed: )

* "Man Walks Into a 7-Eleven Carrying an AK-47:"

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* "A Magnificent, Wonderful Story:"

Embed: )

* "Operation Deserter Storm:"

Embed: )

* "An Inquiry Into Unionized College Football:"

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* I hate that "Chicken Fat" commercial so much. It isn't just the song being annoying and body shaming, but that for several years they forced us to excercise to it.

* "Engage! LeVar Burton Announces Several Generations of Star Trek Actors Will Kick Off Reading Rainbow:"

* The Clutch: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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* Approximately 700 people were sentenced to death in Egypt last week for the crime of protesting in cursory proceedings with little real evidence they had done anything actually illegal.

* I support the Sherpas who are demanding better pay and survivor benefits for their families in the wake of the terrible accident that killed so many.

* 31 Tornadoes just hit, on top of the other damage in the last week. I'm giving you a link to a CNN article with a collection of donation links at the bottom if you want to help:

* "Only abortion clinic in Mississippi facing shutdown:"

Embed: )

* "Clippers Players Protest Racist Owner:"

* "On racism in sports, history is a reference:"

Embed: )

* "Protecting the Voting Rights Of People With Mental Disabilities:"

* This isn't proof, but this makes so much more sense when matched up with data. "Paleoanthropologists use models to show humans may have left Africa earlier than thought:"

* "Two Saiti tombs unearthed near Egypt's Minya:"

* "What if people told European history like they told Native American history?:"

* "The Angel in Larry Kramer:"

* "Tired Of People Racistly Painting Trans Women Of Color As 'Uniquely Violent':"

* OMG, I had a scene on Game of Bones yesterday involving discussion of "horse spunk" so funny I was still periodically chortling half an hour later.

* I am no fan of Adalind, but I'm having a hard time liking nick, Renard, etc. and caring what happens to them after what they did. I wish it hadnt been so easy to guess Theresa's deal, but I liked her and Hank in this episode.

* I've got circular swaps with openings.
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* "Trouble in paradise for Chile's Easter Island:"

* "Nesting storks may end 600-year wait:"

* I know what Elizabeth Warren is doing in the Senate is necessary and important, and we can not clone her. We can not spare her now, but I would very much like her to be President one day.

* "Neanderthal Children Played With Toy Axes, Say Experts:"

* "Neanderthals and Cro-magnons did not coexist on the Iberian Peninsula, suggests re-analysis of dating:"

* "Baboon mummy analysis reveals Eritrea and Ethiopia as location of land of Punt:"

* "Research traces the genetic print of the Asturian people:"

* "Siberian Mummies in Copper Masks Pose Mystery:"

* "1,500-Year-Old Chilean Mummy Had Arsenic Poisoning From Toxic Rivers:"

* "Severe Scurvy Struck Christopher Columbus's Crew:"

* "Historian explains how 'conquered' indigenous Brazilians shaped their own histories:"

* "Wealthy landowner’s gold mourning ring found in south Norfolk by metal sleuth:"

* "Ludlow massacre spurred New Deal labor reforms:"

* "Masterpiece of silent film recovered:"

* "A Trove of Old Film Footage, Now Online:"

* Monday was kind of terrible in stressful, time consuming ways. I did manage to solve all of it today to my own surprise on Tuesday. I'm going to take another run at the paperwork tomorrow.

* ""No one knows 'oo they were...or wot they were doin'!":"

* I've got circular swaps with openings.
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* The Russians continue to take buildings in coordinated attacks on government buildings in Eastern Ukraine. It's looking a whole lot like Crimea. They have sent in groups of Russian soldiers with no insignia, sometimes with the help of the Separatists. The Ukrainian military tried a raid, but failed. The acting Ukrainian President has begged the UN for peacekeepers, but as Russia is on the security council... Yeah.

* A cowardly white Supremacist ambushed and murdered two people and critically injured a teenaged boy outside a Jewish community center in Kansas. He is in custody.

I say coward, since a brave man wouldn't be ambushing unarmed grandparents and teenager.

* "Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting:"

* "New find challenges 'simple' Australian artifacts assumption:"

* "From athletes to couch potatoes: Humans through 6,000 years of farming:"

* "Clogged artery clue in skeletons:"

* "Log boat dating back 4,500 years found in Lough Corrib:"

* "14,000 year old tools unearthed in South Lanarkshire are earliest evidence of humans in Scotland:"

* "What Did Our Ancestors Eat? Digging For Clues:"

* "A Real Corker: Message in a Bottle May Be World's Oldest:"

* Greenwick found. "Living a bold life: When your gender creative kid goes to a supportive school:"

When I think how violent it was in my first grade.... I am so happy this kid is going to a school that is gentle and supportivbe.

* "Sports Disparity:"

Embed: )

* I am old enough to remember when David Letterman was new and exciting compared to what else was on offer, but he's a misogynistic dinosaur and good riddance.

I am fascinated to see what Mr. Colbert does with the show.

* I've got circular swaps with openings.
Hot drinks:
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* The Clutch: Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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* 90 people are still missing and believed dead in the Oso disaster.

* I support the right of NCAA athletes to organize in Unions, to get proper health benefits and compensation, for the players to have a right to benefit from their own likenesses, etc..

* "Teen to government: Change your typeface, save millions:"

* Greenwick found. "What If I Ate Only One Type of Food?:"

This happened to a lot of Trappers during the 19th century. They'd live almost exclusively on rabbits for most of the year and get sick and often die.

* The Feds are recognizing the marriages made in Michigan last Saturday.

* The Maryland Legislature passed a trans inclusive non-discrimination bill which the governor promises to sign.

* Greenwick found, "5 Places Trans People Exist:"

* I had my first group scene on Game of Bones. I am definitely rusty.

* Fish Update: I am changing out water twice a day. It still smells like dishsoap. The water is still not right, but I periodically spot live fish. Ideally, I would rather catch and move them to another tank, but the water quality is such I haven't a hope of catching them.

I am pretty sure I found out what happened with the water being tainted. It looks like it was a genuine accident caused by miscommunication.

* "Sorting 19th Century British Novelists Into Hogwarts:"
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* Fighting continues in Kiev despite claims of a truce. Casualties continue to mount. The EU talks of sanctions. President Obama has issued a threat. Parts of Kiev continue to burn and people keep dying.

Added at 4:19AM: The police brought in reinforcements to try to take Independence square in violation of the truce, but the protesters repulsed them. Fighting continues to spread in Kiev. The official figure is seventeen dead, but honestly, it sounds like people are guessing. Most of the dead appear to be protesters shot in the head and neck by police with assault rifles.

* "UK Court: David Miranda Detention Legal Under Terrorism Law:"

* "VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief:"

* "Tom Perkins' big idea: The rich should get more votes:"

* "We Did the Math on Tom Perkins' Vote-Buying Scheme:"

* "One-Percent Jokes and Plutocrats in Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society:"

* "After background checks were scrapped in Missouri:"

* "BART riders get measles scare from UC Berkeley student:"

* "America’s First President Was The Tea Party’s Worst Nightmare:"

* "Noose tied on Ole Miss integration statue:"

* "The Problem With Little White Girls (and Boys):"

* "Black Boy Interrupted:"

* "The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality:"

* "How Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Are Trying to Defend Their State Bans:"

* "May a Man Marry a Man? A Medieval Debate:"

* "If you step on my foot, you need to get off my foot.:"

* "Rubber-Duck-Race Bill Expected to Pass in Wisconsin:"

* "Made in Maine scent makes farmers more attractive to livestock:"

* Facial reconstruction of a vodka bottle skull.:

* "Skeleton Typogram, A Human Skeleton Illustration Made Using The Words For Each Bone:"
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* Nairobi Airport is a major transportation hub for East Africa, serving 49 destinations in 23 countries and five continents, with modern, recently upgraded facilities. As a result, it's a big fucking deal that it just burned down. Travelers are stranded, obviously, but it's seriously messing up air traffic and transport across the region. It sounds like they've resumed Domestic service as of last night, but the International service was still out as of this writing. The footage was horrifying what with the multiple explosions, and it taking a couple of hours for emergency vehicles to arrive to fight the blaze. It sounds like the evacuation itself was fast, for which I am grateful.

* Epidemic Watch: There seems to be an outbreak of a strain of bird flu capable of passing person to person in China. 43 are dead so far. It's too early to panic, but this one bears watching.

* The President has cancelled his one on one with Putin.

* As is generally the case in summer, the Red Cross is running low on blood just generally, and if you can legally donate, now would be a really good time regardless of which country you reside in.

* New York is not Detroit:

Embed: )

Short form: Detroit is what happens if you do extreme austerity like the Republicans want. New York didn't do the austerity and is in way better condition, and imposing Detroit style austerity will be terrible for it. On the macro-level, if we dismantle the county's financial system as Republicans are saying we should do, New York will become Detroit what with the financial industry collapsing.

* "Did Mussolini use castor oil as an instrument of torture?:"

* "Cece McDonald Talks About Trayvon And The Justice System:"

* "San Antonio City Council Considering Adding Gender Identity To Non-Discrimination Ordinance:"

* O.o. Lake Bell's been getting a lot of misogynistic questions from reporters on her film junket. John Oliver, to his credit, asked her about the experience of getting misogynistic questions on her press junket instead of asking her one.

* Rich White Guys Agreeing with Each Other Alert - Neil Cavuto:

Embed: )

* I would have gotten more sleep if it weren't for telemarketers, but I got reasonable sleep anyway and got to take the getting my shit together phase at a leisurely speed. I feel much better. I did go out to get my meds, but it was on my terms.

* "If You Have Coulrophobia Go Ahead And Skip This One:"

* Nothing to Prove - Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks:

Embed: )

* Dragon Cave: Adopt one today!
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* I struggled all evening with trying to figure out how to explain my extremely complicated thoughts on the embassy closures, and eventually simply gave up. This looks like the best coverage to me and references some of the related issues that feed into my thinking:

Embed: )

* Charter school cheating and government corruption involved in making a Charter School look better than it actually is. Basically, they had a high standard for public school success and a lower one for charter schools so they could harm public schools. Hint: if you have to cheat to make it look like your program is working, it's either not working or your standard for all schools should be scrapped:

Embed: )

* Temporary Reprieve for Wisconsin Clinics:

Embed: )

* Doing the numbers on how destroying Unions harms Democracy:

Embed: )

* Housing news: Hector stole nearly almost all the sleep, so I was ready to give up about when the realtor called. The bank sent a counter offer with revisions. The revisions were essentially in our favor, moving up the time frame. It indicates desperation on their part and we honestly would rather cash the check and move ASAP, so I was happy to initial the papers. It sounds like we're likely getting it at the lowest price, but papers to that effect aren't signed yet, so fingers crossed. We do an inspection Tuesday to see if all the plumbing and appliances work. We will likely take some measurements and Squirrel plans to take pictures as well. We've picked out the blues for the bedrooms and a lavender we like for the living room.

I just want to move and get it over with honestly.

* Why are we painting? 1. I have wanted a blue bedroom my whole adult life. I haven't had walls that weren't white since I left my parent's house. 2. My bedroom in the new place (assuming it goes through) is a colour closer to a scab than it is to fresh blood. The idea of sleeping in a room that colour for likely the rest of my life horrifies me. Better to fix it before we move in. 3. I like lavender, damnit. 4. I find colours in the blue-purple range soothing. As we are already painting, I might as well go whole hog.

* RP Report: Aftermath Edition:

Embed: )

* My game is moving to Sunday, which will likely start delaying Archeology round up, ut not this week.

* Next we meet is Squirrel's birthday party.

* "Proving ourselves, over and over again.:"

* More lilies bloomed:

* The Clutch: Adopt one today!
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* Widespread mainstream republican Racism:

Embed: )

* The number one Republican political goal remains stripping women's constitutional rights:

Embed: )

* On the class system:

Embed: )

* "The Cooch" is trying to outlaw cunnilingus in Virginia between consenting adults. I just thought you needed to know that.

* Wow, Seriously?:

Embed: )

* How were you talking about the George Zimmerman Verdict?:

Embed: )

* Yet another journalistic hate crime against a murdered trans woman:

* "Cameron's new internet filter:"

* Minimum Wage & McDonald's Spending Journal:

Embed: )

* Yesterday I not only ate two cherry tomatoes grown in my garden, but there was a ginormous, strongly scented lily open. Seriously, we are talking a diameter longer than my hand long ways. There are lots of nearly mature buds on other plants. Lilies, y'all! In my garden!

Picture is posted here, if you are curious:

Are we sure this isn't a baby triffid?

* "Foodie Treats:"

* I am haunted by this Owlbear (NWS):

* SDCC Loki'd:

Embed: )

I suspect we know what Tom Hiddleston's "o" face look now.

* My Scented Home Products Circular Swap is looking for people to sign up:

* The Clutch: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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* Greenwick's North Korea round up:

"The North Korean people are not stupid or evil. Don't judge them. Judge the people making the decisions, not the people who are trying to survive, and be glad you don't have to navigate the life they do."

* Yet more Christian domestic terrorists pile on the death threats in the hopes of denying women access to health care. Brave women continue to stand up for what's right.:

Embed: )

* North Carolina Republicans are trying to put in a poll tax to prevent college students from voting as part of their attempt to dismantle Democracy:

Embed: )

* The brave Fast food strikers and MLK at the sanitation worker strike in Memphis:

Embed: )

* Guantanamo Hunger Strike:

Embed: )

* Roger Ebert is dead of cancer at seventy. Siskel and Ebert were the Burt and Ernie of movie reviews. I watched the show nearly all my growing up (My parents started watching when the show first came to our area and I watched with them. Their debates appealed to my family as we also loved analyzing books and movies. Our discussions were friendlier than the early years of Siskel and Ebert, but the dynamic made sense to us. As a teen, I once did a Siskel and Ebert skit in French camp where we reviewed them movies we'd seen in class and ended with a choreographed fist fight. I still smile, remembering it). Mr.Ebert was ubiquitous and I loved watching him and Siskel and then Roper dissect and argue about the merits and flaws of films all the way up until he went off the air. I have huge respect for his principled call for the media to stop treating mass murderer like celebrities with theme songs and the rest. Since the cancer took his voice, I have thought often about that, what it must have felt like to be silenced completely, and to later have only the computer voice, drained of it's richness. He poured that richness onto the page, but I know something about silence and I the thought of his silence haunted me. I was aware of his failing health, and though his death wasn't exactly a surprise, it sure does feel like a loss to know his cranky ass isn't somewhere pouring out snark.

Another little piece of my childhood died with him and he will be missed.

* Some obits and commentaries for Mr. Ebert are under the cut:

Embed: )

* The actual statistics measuring the Republican Disconnect from objective reality:

Embed: )

* Colbert weighs in on some incredibly offensive things Jeremy Irons said about marriage equality:

Embed: )

This is incredibly disappointing to me given how I felt about Brideshead Revisited as a tween.

* Colbert on the BRAIN Initiative:

Embed: )

* "A one word explanation of why the slippery slope argument men marrying goats and adults marrying children is not going to be a result of marriage equality:"

* I have begun the process of prepping to GM in Ernest. I've brainstormed a bunch of hooks, started recording details I'm likely to need, and started the massive process of composting data. What do I mean by composting? I pour in all sorts of historical detail, folklore, character studies, myth. I periodically stir the mess and keep pouring in new stuff and reminders of old stuff and through a chaotic process of connection ad intuition, all sorts of strange things pour out. I need a lot of plot hooks and compost to grow a game. This is because my GM style is extremely interactive and improvisational. For sure I have plot and often intricate politics, but these are like the bare melody in jazz, around which the players an I build wild improvisations, startling descants, and strange bridges to other tunes. I have rules like, "Give me at least a week's warning if you wan to travel to another country, so I can build some things for you to do there." I expect the players to express things their characters want to do so I can better tailor opportunities to them. I do often horrific things to the characters, and am a big fan of giving players all the rope they could ever want to hang themselves and then heaping consequences to their actions onto them. Some of the most powerful passages come from the unexpected collision of player desires with unusual results. The composting process can look bizarre. A weird variety of books accumulate all over my apartment: serious histories, children's books, game world background material. My terse notes in my idiosyncratic handwriting forming anchors to strange souring cathedrals of thought full of humor, whimsey, and startling cruelty. I am still fascinated by the alchemy of gaming group micro cultures, the way players, characters, setting, and GM style create customs and rituals and ways of interacting that shift over time with personnel changes. I love watching the accretion of habits and rituals, the way the players themselves pass on group quirks to new members, the special magic of group storytelling and in jokes. Much like my teaching style, my hands on the reins are very light. I only want the bare minimum of control I need to keep the whole mess moving and functional, the best moments in gaming like teaching are the ones not planned and one needs to leave space for pleasant surprises and be ready to run when they pop up. I've known railroaders who plan each moment and I find their process as alien as they likely find mine.

I think of my Mother's delight on discovering a "volunteer tomato" patch grown up from the garden compost one Summer. I feel that way whenever the players and I together grow something rich and strange in a completely unanticipated way.

* I have been struggling with how to explain the "Princess Academy" to y'all. Some of you have likely stopped reading already because of the title, and that's a shame. This book is clever and subversive. My best description of it likely won't make you want to read it either. It's a book about girls saving themselves. It's a book about how intelligence, education, and collective action can right injustices. See? It sounds dull, doesn't it? But it's not. The prose style is surprisingly poetic and the world is very rich and well drawn. It is more Anne of Green Gables than the fairy tale setting you are likely imagining, and the girls in the academy are tough, hard working mountain girls who've known real starvation and grief, not the pampered princesses you likely pictured from the title. My library copy had abstract forms of girls walking, some together and some separate, dwarfed by their mountain. I think this makes more sense than the covers they show in the review I'm linking you. Why? Because the Mountain is a character in the book, and the book is about learning to bridge the spaces between people made by assumptions and preconceptions. It's about the power that determined people can have when they work together. The writing is more Middle Grade than YA proper, but I think this story is compelling and important. As I struggled so hard trying to explain how I felt about the book and why, I'm linking you the Slatebreakers review which will likely be more help.

* I wrote this in response to a lady wanting to know why people pick graveyard scents on the BPAL forum:

Scent Poems: )
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* A neighboring town has offered Newton an empty Middle School that just closed. The building is to code and furnished. They will likely need to swap in elementary sized toilets etc., but the important thing is that the students and teachers all don't have to go back to that school. They have not decided when to restart, but are already talking to teachers about how to help the kids deal with it. It's important. I was teaching the day after Columbine, the day after 9/11, and the day after the Anthrax attacks. Even at this physical distance and with my students being older, they were freaked the fuck out and needed help processing for a long time after. I have some idea of how messy it's going to be with kids who had to hide, who heard gunshots, who lots friends and siblings. The thing the Monroe school district doing is incredibly kind.

I keep thinking about the teachers. I've done my share of lockdown drills. Even with Middle Schoolers who have individual emergency jobs and and know exactly what they are meant to do, it is hard to keep them organized, to get them packed behind the teacher desks or wherever your room's spot is, how hard it is to keep them quite and still. I am imagining trying to do that with crying, terrified little people in a real emergency where silent and still can mean life or death. I keep thinking about the incredibly brave teacher who stepped out of hiding to try to divert him away and died for it, and the kids that panicked and broke cover and died with her. The thing that teacher did, is what every one hopes they would have the courage to do and is so difficult in the moment. It's so easy for kids, or anyone really, to panic in a situation like that. During a lockdown drill, even if it's not a surprise drill and you know there's no threat, you crouch there gaming it out thinking through scenarios, trying to think what to do in various contingencies. Every school shooting, you picture your own school lay out, your own classroom, and your own kids, even if like me, you don't teach anymore.

* Unions can be literally a life or death issue:

Embed: )

* Republicans are fundamentally opposed to protecting Native America Women and immigrants from domestic violence and sexual assault in general, which is what's holding up reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. That's right, the Republicans are insisting on the absolute right of white men to rape Native women and immigrantts without fear of prosecution. No War on Women my ass.:

Embed: )

* "Alabama police kill 2 suspects after separate shooting incidents; 3 others found dead:"

* Looks like I'm not the only person who's actually taught kids and tried to get them through lock down drills who thinks arming teachers is an incredibly bad idea for perfectly practical reasons:

* "Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States:"

* I'm not sure if this has been clear in my recent writings: Reasonable limits has been the most common left position for pretty much my whole life. The Right has been claiming the Left's position is to take everyone's guns, but that's not so. It's a strawman at worst and a taking of the fringe for the center at best.

You'll notice when I write about this, I talk about things like background checks, putting the ban on assault weapons and extended magazines in place, closing the gun show loop hole (where about half of criminals get their guns), limits on mass purchases (how the cartels are arming up). I think waiting periods are a good idea, but I'm not as wedded to that. I also advocate universal health care with mental health coverage parity which would solve a lot of problems.

I personally don't like guns, but I grew up in a house with them. It's not fear, but simply that I'm bad with loud noises close to my head even with ear protectors and I don't enjoy the physical sensation of the kick. Guns are not for me personally, and they have done a lot of harm to people in my life, but I don't favour total prohibition, just reasonable limits.

I definitely agree a change in the culture as a whole would be a good thing. I just don't know how to make that happen.

* Want to help folks in the wake of the shooting in Newton?

* Now for something cheerful: Some of the first same sex marriages in my town. That's the front of the courthouse, across from the library. I don't know the gentlemen or the ladies, but I wish them long life and lasting love.:

* I was doing marginally better, so I took the good lung meds, slapped on a mask and Squirrel took me to see the late night showing of the Hobbit. We reasoned that a late night 3-D IMAX showing on a Sunday night might be comparatively sparse. We were right. My guess as to the location of the new theater was correct and they were even handing out free popcorn and soda as an opening week special, which is good considering the alarmingly high ticket price. This theater as been literally open since Friday. My seat was already damaged. It worked out though as it was a little like a rocking chair and I found at least four reasonably comfortable positions, despite us sitting in the handicapped row. (I was having enough trouble with the ramp and my lungs, no way was I trying the stairs, especially given the number of times I've started falling and had to grab furniture in the last week).

First off I should explain that my house growing up was full of books. My Mother had custom built a whole wall of shelves in the dining room and my father's den. She'd built smaller book cases in most of the other rooms of the house. My parents were readers. They worked hard, but they always found time to read both for themselves and to us. My Mother mostly read library books to us off and on during the day. My Father read the bed time stories. Before my Sister was born, we'd read not only the obvious things like Milne, Wind in the Willows, and the while OZ series, but also a lot of Stevenson and Dumas, and the Hobbit. Around the time my sister was born, we reread the Hobbit then did LOTR. When she was old enough, she got her own story time at her earlier bed time, and I would sit out in the hall and listen. This was before the animated ones were made. To this day, when I think of Gandolf's voice, it is my Father's. Part of what I love about Andy Serkis' Golem is it's closeness to my Father's version. He sung me the songs to tunes of his own devising. When I think of the Hobbit, I think of the wall of story book picture my my Mom put up behind my bed when I was born, the original yellow paint in my childhood bedroom, the smell of cigarettes and coffee, the way the big skin tag wiggled under my Father's eye as he read. He read me bedtime stories long after I learned to read myself, long after my sister's restlessness and complains led him to give up reading to her. Until I was old enough to not just read myself LOTR, but Silmarillion. After my sister got sick, she spent a lot of time in bed, and I read her the Hobbit and LOTR after all. I get all the ways this stuff is deeply problematic, but it's also really tied up with some of the best bits of my childhood, even as Silmarillion got tied to some of the worst for reasons i don't want to get into here. That's my baggage going in.

There's going to be spoilers in here: )

* Here's rm's review, with which I am substantially in agreement, "The Hobbit: … and back again:"

* "Lord of the Rings Movie of 1940:"

Embed: )

* Re: Tumblr: it continues to be utterly bizarre to me that more than 2200 people read anything I wrote, like ever, let alone had strong feelings about it. I am running out of energy for response at this point.

* I'm way behind on my TV watching for a variety of reasons. Like a month behind. I just watched Leverage's "The White Rabbit Job." Get this, they named two of the characters "Mr. Dodgson" and "Mr. Liddell." OMG!!! This is one of the things I love about Leverage.
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* Important labour history that explains what's going on now:

Embed: )

* On the need for a safe place for Domestic Violence Survivors

Embed: )

* "Call Me A Flip-Flopper,. But I Have Reconsidered And Altered My Position On Guns:"

* "Questions I ask myself about Connecticut School Shooting:"

* "How the Press Got It Wrong on the Newtown Shooter:"

* A thing on how basing the anti-marriage equality argument on archaic elements of divorce law makes no sense:

* "Jazz Talks To Barbara Walters On Dating:"

* I am a dark chocolate person for the most part. I don't generally bother with milk chocolate at all. The richness and intensity of dark chocolate simply suits my personal tastes. I would also rather have high end dark chocolate every couple of moths than low end stuff several times a week. It's how I'm wired. In one of those random exceptions that happen with tastes, I like white hot chocolate best, followed by the spicy dark. Further, I make my white hot chocolate with cocoanut milk because I like the way the coconut and the white chocolate work together. Marshmallows being made of meat by most manufacturers, I think it's been decades since I had marshmallows in my hot chocolate. I have recently scored some white chocolate powder, I have plentiful cocoanut milk, and vegan marshmallows just came in the mail from the generous Tibicina. Omnomnom.

* I've been randomly thinking of certain college friend a lot this month, so:

Embed: )

No really, it's not who you are probably thinking it is. I hope he's okay, wherever he ended up.
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* It looks like the only reason more people didn't die yesterday is that the weapon jammed. He had multiple magazines and intended to kill more. My thoughts are with the family of the teenaged grl in the hospital and with the families of the dead.

* Anderson Cooper Interviews Shin Dong-hyuk, the only person born in a North Korean prison camp to escape. Life in Camp 14:

* They've rushed through that Union stripping bill in Michigan:

Embed: )

* On Justice Scalia's homophobia:

Embed: )

* On Justice Scalia's Homophobia:

Embed: )

* Republicans, furious that the recent elections were too fair are now moving to dramatically increase the corruption in our electoral system:

Embed: )

* "Yesterday people died in my neighborhood for your guns:"

* "'Like lesser Americans': Atheists face discrimination, persecution, report says:"

* "When is a religion not a religion?:"

* "New global report on discrimination against the nonreligious:"

* "Black swans and blue tarantulas: ‘Without’ and ‘despite’ are not the same:"

* "Yale scientists name Obamadon, a slender-jawed lizard, after the President:"

* Marriage Equality (State of play in the UK):

* Sage Smith is still missing on her 20th Birthday:

* "Dominican Republic Trans Org COTRAVEDT Demands End To Anti-Trans Discrimination:"

* John Stewart's take on the Union stripping in Michigan:

Embed: )

* Stephen Colbert on North Korea's Unicorn technology and our Foreman Barbie:

Embed: )

* Stephen Colbert on Reparative "Therapy:"

Embed: )

* Today really fucking sucked. I spent all morning dealing with yet more insurance crap with multiple insurance companies to the point where there was no getting back to sleep after. I gave up and got dressed for my noon appointment with the damage assessor. Then there were some necessary errands (other car damage assessor, foraging, and I was out of tissues and orange juice and some cleaning supplies.) I got home to discover they'd changed my rent yet again this month only this time without telling me, meaning we were $25.00 delinquent and collecting fees since the beginning of the month. There were also more insurance calls. Oh, and someone stole at least one of my checks out of the mailbox last month and cashed it of course, so that's delinquent and gathering fees. It took two hours on hold o confirm it was stolen and another half hour starting a claim with my bank. I'm betting it's the same with the power bill as I generally pay them at once. All this together literally took all day. Did I mention that the cats all have the vomits? And I'm still quite sick and should probably be in bed and I still hurt from the accident?

* I'm still sick. It's not quite as bad as yesterday, but just sitting up is still exhausting.

* I was unreasonably pleased when the young man helping me at the grocery store started speaking. He was tall and skinny. I'd guess college age. He'd started to fill out, but wasn't there yet. I'd say twentish. He had one of those surprise bass voices, always a startle on someone that gangling. The bit that made me smile though was that he had one of those Bronx accents that's as thick and strong as turkish coffee. I didn't ask if he transplanted himself or if his family moved here, but I transplanted myself out here at his age, and I have sympathy for that if he came out here for college or to make a better life, and for all the weird little culture shock moments one gets the first few years, from having trouble ordering at restaurants to body language differences to dating. As trapped as I sometimes feel in Bellingham, I still have that sense of wonder at the beauty of the land and the way the culture here lets you spread out and be yourself. Even if his adventure was involuntary, it's still and adventure and I can still taste the excitement of that even though my adventures are mostly over. Good luck, grocery store clerk, may your road be as exciting and intense, an wonderful as mine was.

* 1876 notes on that medieval women thing. People who haven't read properly have started to turn up. Also people who think I had room to write a whole book with references in one Tumblr post. Sigh.
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* The dirty tricks involved in the Republican stripping of Union rights in Michigan:

Embed: )

* Services for Disabled Veterans continue to be shamefully slow and inadequate and are actually getting worse:

Embed: )

* Republican Snake Oil Salesmen:

Embed: )

* "What Happened To McDonald Case Instigator Molly Shannon Flaherty?"

* Reality is Showing it's Liberal Bias again. Republicans are surprised that denying women in poverty access to birth control is dramatically more expensive for the State as the services those unwanted babies need costs way more than the money they saved by denying women birth control in the first place. Um... no duh?

* "Apple Maps 'is life-threatening' to motorists lost in Australia heat:"

* Pictures of the Sworn Virgins of the Balkans:

* "Genetically?"

* Help girls in Malawi get an education:

* Sunday's sleep was stolen y a five hour Birmin howling jag followed by my sinuses waking me up over and over. I have a terrible cold that nothing seems to touch or mitigate. Today's sleep was stolen by me having to exchange calls with three different insurance companies nd the folks who inspected my car after the last time. It turns out that my insurance company didn't bother to contact the insurance company of the guy who rammed me in October, or did they tell me that that was my job. I guess they were relying on telepathy? Which complicates things as now there's more damage to the same part of the car. Also, it tuns out the BMW guy was stretching the truth about the being insured thing, which also complicates things. It turns out the car and his husband were insured, but not him. I do not understand how they can afford the BMW, bu t not to pay for the damage they did to my car. Just saying. Especially as I am hard put to see how they could have bee more in the wrong. They did not report the accident to their insurance and my insurance having not tried to claim the money nor told me I was meant to do it, I had to start a new claim all these months later which looks fishy and likely they will contest. You know how I was all charitable about the accident? I'm not feeling charitable now that I know he he is screwing me over deliberately. On the upside, Friday's rear ender was a solid citizen with proper insurance who did report the accident to his company and they aren't contesting what with the police reports and all the witnesses etc..

* I have just had my most popular post on Tumblr so far. When I checked today it was at 942 notes and rising. O.o It was that commentary thing I did on Historical Accuracy and Sexism in fantasy that was talking about how different the view of medieval women is from their real lives. It took me by surprise, what with me not having that many followers and it not being that far off what I usually write. Tumblr is weird. On the up side, there's some good conversation going on about Medieval lives and I got to recommend my favorite book on Reconquista women to someone planning to write a novel about it. It is certainly more fun than my recent debate with someone who's whole initial argument consisted of "Unions hurt families" and no back up, who then tried a set of FOX style talking points the data contradicts. Ah, Internet.

* Review of "Diary of a Sick Chick," by Sonya Dickerson:

* "Ladies Dressed as Appliances:"

* Playing Doctor:

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