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* Another category 5 is likely to hit a bunch of places already ravaged by Irma. It's hitting the Leewards and the Virgin Islands again, which were the worst hit, as well as islands full of refugees from other islands. "Hurricane Maria is now a Category 5:"

* "Outrage as Mexican student killed after using ride-hailing service:"

* "Monsoon rain adding to Rohingya camp misery:"

* "Trump opens week at UN by calling out 'mismanagement,' underperformance:"

* "Top US diplomat says closing embassy in Cuba 'under review':"

* "Where did Trump’s leftover inauguration money go?:"

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* "Interior Report Recommends Cuts or Changes to Seven National Land Monuments:"

* Looks like Mueller is going to indict Manafort. "Paul Manafort wiretapped and threatened with indictment: reports:"

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* "Mueller uses search warrant to get more on Russia from Facebook:"

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* "Latest GOP Obamacare repeal bill is worst yet: Schatz:"

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* The long intro freaked me out because it sounded a little too much like an obit, so I wanted to mention she's fine and there for an interview. "Democrats prep for another fight to defend Obamacare from GOP:"

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* The current plan is to vote on the ACA Repeal with 90 seconds of debate, no public hearings, and no CBO score. Please, please please, protest in person if you can. If you can't, call or use a service.

This App phones your rep for you:
Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "Stalking, actually: why men who reject rejection are not romantic heroes:"

* "123 arrested in St. Louis in 3rd night of protests over ex-cop's acquittal:"

* TW: Suicide. Contains video of police killing a person, but does not autoplay. "Protests erupt on Georgia Tech campus after student is killed:"

* "Bigot Bob Marshall 'Scurred' To Debate Danica Roem In VA Legislative Race:"

* "That Viral Photo Of My Trans Son Crying? Here's What's Really Going On:"

* Why is is that lately whenever I start a thought with "What sort of monster would..." the answer is always "Republicans?"

* "Medicine's Women Problem:"

* I'm linking tumblr instead of directly to the article as there are lots of lovely bone and wood examples in the comments that might be useful to writers. "2,000 year old warrior armour made of reindeer antlers found on the Arctic Circle:"

* "How the female Viking warrior was written out of history:"

* "Diversity Wins Big at the 2017 Emmys:"

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* "Floridians Beware: A Hurricane Warning Gets Lost in Translation:"

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* "Profiles in Tremendousness - Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin:"

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* "Tom Smith, Hermione Granger the Pirate Queen:"

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* Monday was forage. I was shaky as fuck after, but I did manage to post an extra auction anyway after doing the basics around the house. Tuesday I go back down their even earlier for the engine valve. Mid-sleep cycle! Fun!

* The Eartha Kitt Cavett interview is fascinating. She picked cotton as a child and never saw an electric light, a television, a movie, nor knew what they were until her mother died and she was sent to New York. They didn't have books or magazines. It was the 20th Century, but.... Yeah. She also addresses the incident with President Johnson having her blacklisted and getting the FBI to dig up dirt to smear her, which is very relevant considering what 45 is trying to do to that ESPN Commentator right now.

* Fuck Marvel! "Marvel's Nazi Fascism Fixation, Part II: America Is A Lie:"

* "The Black Gate is Closed:"

* "Independence Day: A Star Wars Story:"

* ToS Rewatch, Season 2:

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* Want to donate to my property taxes? (170$ Needed). Paypal

* We need money for car repair and taxes, so ebay time again. These won't sell fast enough to solve this month, but can help with the mess this month leaves behind.:

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* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "Congress Wants to Change the Americans with Disabilities Act and Undermine the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities:"

* How to help Flood victims in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh:

* How to help Caribbean victims of Irma:

* "How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims:"

* "Disaster Relief and Support for Libraries:"

* How to help the protesters and ordinary people in Venezuela:

* "Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide:"

* A list of links to Charlottesville charities if you want to give the NAZIs a financial fuck you:

* How white Protesters can weaponize their whiteness:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Red Cross is taking donations for Western Wildfire Relief:

* (This is here as a reminder to me for later). "Can you recommend me some good books, essays, etc. about witches, witchcraft, witch trials in England?:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif resigns after Panama Papers verdict :"

* "US hits Nicolás Maduro with sanctions after Venezuela's 'sham' election:"

* "What's Happening in Venezuela:"

* "Kenyan election official 'tortured and murdered' as fears of violence grow:"

* "Trump drafted Jr's misleading collusion e-mail statement: WaPo:"

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* You know what would be simpler than the fixes ACA they are planning? Let people and employers buy into medicare, thus solving the escalating premiums, shortage of insurance providers, etc. problems, and adding healthier people to the Medicare pool won't hurt it. We could remove the Bush Era cap on pay in that prevents the wealthy from paying in their share while we are at it.

Of course, Single payer would be dramatically simpler than all these things, but that is like hoping Republicans would suddenly wake up interested in doing what is best for human type people, the economy, the country, the world, etc.. Not happening.

* "Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty of criminal contempt of court:"

* "Teen Girls Stage Incredible Quinceañera Protest at Texas Capitol Against Vile Anti-Immigrant Law:"

* "Tennessee jails have been shortening sentences for inmates who get vasectomies or birth control implants:"

* "The Veteran Who Created The Trans Pride Flag Reacts To Trump's Trans Military Ban:"

* "Everything You Need to Know About Judaism’s Saddest Day of the Year:"

* "Noncompete Pacts, Under Siege, Find Haven in Idaho:"

* "Nottingham archaeologist uncovers secrets of sunken 'pirate city' in Jamaica:"

* "Companies have forgotten how to pay workers fairly — and workers have forgotten what they deserve:"

* "Scaramucci and Priebus Exit the White House as the Real Problem Remains:"

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* "Trump Thinks Police Brutality Is a Joking Matter:"

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* "Have I ever told the story of how my mom almost died because a giant Gene Simmons burned down her apartment building?:"

* "GoT 7×03 The Queen's Justice Liveblog: Attack of the NaCl:"

* Wow, the Cavett interview with Richard Pryor was embarrassing for Dick Cavett. He's doing the classic well meaning white person with examined racial attitudes thinking he's the exception thing. Pryor is brilliant here, turning things back on Cavett. "I don't understand hat you mean," forcing Cavett to explain himself, and thus digging himself in deeper. It's sort of a master class in making the person examine what was wrong with what he just said.

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.:

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Kim Jong-nam: Second woman arrested over airport poisoning:"

* "Can Americans get an impartial Trump inquiry?:"

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* "‘Unbelievable Turmoil’: Trump’s First Month Leaves Washington Reeling:"

* "The Daily 202: Did Mike Pence get burned by Michael Flynn?:"

* "Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say:"

* Andy Puzder, the Hardees/Carl's Jr.'s guy who wants to replace worker's with Robots who was nominated for Secretary of Labor, has been pulled on account of extreme spousal abuse. Oddly enough, Steve Bannon, with a similar history is somehow still in the white House pulling strings.

* Fuck’s sake, Democrats get your asses in gear. "DCCC weak contesting Georgia district Trump barely won:"

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* "Rest In Power and Peace, Jo Jo Striker:"

* "Laverne Cox Urges Grammy Audience To "Google Gavin Grimm"':"

* "Laverne Cox - Exploring All Sides of Justice on "Doubt":"

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* "Michael Flynn's White House Tenure: It's Funny 'Cause It's Treason:"

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* "Andrew Garfield And Idina Menzel Star In A Movie Written By Kids:"

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* "Ivanka Trump Hearts Justin Trudeau:"

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* "Michael Flynn Becomes the First Casualty of the Trump Administration:"

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* "The GOP Weasels Out of Questions About Michael Flynn-:"

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* "Toby Stephens: CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs Missing Treasure!:"

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* Things needed doing, so I masked up and dragged myself out to do them, despite getting out of breath on the walk to the bathroom. I needed to do a small thing for a neighborhood friend and go to the Doctor (of course), but also we were running out of key food items which meant forage and a grocery store not in my neighborhood.

Something happened at forage that I wanted to mention, particularly as a reminder to able bodied people. DO NOT GRAB SOMEONE'S CRUTCH or other mobility device away from them. Yes, even if you think you are helping. Look, I know she thought she was helping, but she really, really wasn't. The carts there have an open work design, that means I can't just toss the crutch into the basket and have it stay there, so I have this plastic flat that once held plant starts that I put on the lower racks, and I slide the crutch through the top slots, with the flat holding the bottom of the crutch to keep it falling through the grate. It frees up my hands, keeps the crutch out of everyone's way, and I can use the cart as a walker but still have the crutch for when I need it. Only, the flat got knocked askew, so I'm bent over coughing, trying to resettle the flat and the crutch on the bottom rack. I just get everything reseated and ready to go when the wel meaning white lady yanks the crutch from my hands and out of it's slot, knocking the rack out of place and endangering my balance, meaning I had to retrieve my crutch from her and bend over again to readjust the rack and make sure everything is properly put back together. It would have been half the time and half the coughing if she'd just LEFT THE CRUTCH ALONE. She thought she was helping, but she undid my work because she assumed incorrectly the point of the exercise, and it didn't occur to her to ask first. Look, it's rude anyway, as that is essentially a body part, even though it's detached, but the point I'm making here, is you can't read my mind. You see me doing something, it may or may not be what you think I'm doing. I've been dealing with my spinal damage a loooong time. I know the safest way to alight from a bus and how to shop with an inconvenient basket design. I literally brought a plastic plant flat in from my car to put in my cart because I knew in advance I would need one.

I am absolutely not saying you shouldn't ask if I need help carrying something or whatever, because I often really do need that sort of help, but the magic word here is ASK. Consent is magic. "Would you like a hand with that?" is polite. Grabbing my crutch isn't. Yes, even if you really do mean well.

In other adventures in disability, I was behind a nice Ukrainian couple in line. He was mostly collecting the food, going back and forth with her to consult, while she mostly managed the children. The boy was five or six and I'd guess the girl was maybe four. she needed a lot more monitoring , and was tired, I think. Th boy was quiet and well behaved, and so they were mostly just corralling him in when he started to drift out of orbit without really paying attention to him. He was staring at me wide eyed and silent. Look, I'm a middle aged, goth with long hair, ambiguous gender presentation, a crutch, and a surgical mask, gasping like a fish out of water because I am having to shuffle around with an infection because milk and bread do not spontaneously generate. I get it, I really do. The stares are significantly less flattering than the ones I got back when I was a high goth androgyny with a tiger striped Mohawk, but people have been staring at me for one reason or another since I was twelve and I am used to it. If it had been an adult gaping at me like that, I likely would have been shirty, but I have a policy with small children where I give a sound bite explanation of whatever is causing the curiosity/distress/whatever, because I can remember being three and wondering why the guy on the bus had a constellation drawn on his face and I feel like it's more normalizing to explain a disability to a small child than to let it be an object of unspeakable taboo curiosity. This kid was too old to shout loud qquestions, but too young to dissemble interest, which says teachable moment to me. I figure better I explain to some little kid that some people have spinal damage you can't see and need help walking than have them assume walking is all or nothing with disability; or as in this case that some people have sick lungs and need a mask to protect themselves and others. I don't have a lot of feelings to hurt and other people might, and this way next time the little guy sees someone with a mask, he'll likely think 'oh, someone with lung trouble' and not stare. I do not think the parents noticed. She was fussing with the little girl and he was getting bread,

Apparently the other antibiotic was good for lung infections, but not sinus ones, hence me seeming to improve and then reversing on it. I just started yet another antibiotic.

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Snakebite antidote is running out:"

* Basically, the people most likely to get bitten are poor, rural, children. If the family doesn't cath and kill the snake to show the Doctor, they can't use targeted anti-venom. The one they aren't making anymore is a broad spectrum for snakes in sub-Saharan Africa, so when the panicked parents turn up with a diung child in horrific pin, they can still save zim. The medicine costs $150.00 a dose, and a lot of the families are making as little as a dollar a day. Up until recently, there was a subsidy that made making it worth while for the pharmaceutical company, but it's not worth it for them if most of the people who need it can't afford it. Human beings are going to die terrible, painful deaths because of this.

* "China marks Tibet anniversary and condemns Dalai Lama:"

* Brazil has been various kinds of fucked since the Portuguese invaded, one way or another. It is usually a matter of how fucked. Within my lifetime their greedy aristocracy teamed up with the World Bank to fuck their economy so thoroughly that them ever climbing out to achieve some level of functional as a government and economy is amazing. Things were looking up. And then they won the FIFA and Olympic bids, and responded by so thoroughly screwing over ordinary people, yet again, for self aggrandizing projects the greedy aristocrats wanted, and then went over the top on violent suppression of the people who work for a living who dared to protest against them dismantling the economy for this.... So Now they are officially internationally fucked. They just got downgraded to junk bond status, and things are likely about to go to shit on the grand scale, what with ongoing commitments and them systematically ripping up all their economic progress. My heart goes out to the ordinary people, the ones who are always made to pay in the place of the people actually responsible for the policies that keep destroying Brazil's chance at a decent standard of living and the real human misery that result.

* "Inside Yemen's forgotten war:"

* "Syria civilians still under chemical attack:"

* It is incredibly offensive that the BBC followed their graphic chemical attacks in Syria coverage with a segment calling Syrians economic migrants instead of War refugees. Did they not see their own coverage?

* "Obama turns to refugee crisis after Iran nuclear deal victory:"

Embed: )

* "House GOPer invokes 9/11 in anti-Iran deal vote:"

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* So Micheal Stipe and REM are not amused by Trump appropriating "End of the World as We Know it" for his "moronic" campaign. They put out a rather biting statement about it. Survivor is already suing over the Antigay movement appropriating Eye of the tiger. Neil Young C & D'd Trump over him stealing one of his songs for his announcement event. It's like conservatives just can't grasp the concept of asking for consent.

* Rick Perry is officially out of the race.

* "NYPD releases disturbing video of James Blake arrest:"

Embed: )

* "Sheriff Hickman, Stop Blaming Black Lives Matter For A Problem White Dominated Police Forces Created:"

* "Roland S. Martin Drops The Mic On Bill O'Reilly:"

* Apple forces a woman to smile to "fix" her.

* "Moving Company Will Help You Leave an Abusive Partner for Free:"

* "The new rules of breaking up: Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum teaches students how to safely end relationships:"

* "Tamara Adrian Running For Venezuelan National Assembly:"

* "Catholic Church Attacks Trans People Again:"

* "Parents Try Suing To Stop Adult Child From Having SRS:"

* "Nikki Araguz Loyd Gets Another Legal Win At SCOTX!:"

* "Fayetteville, AR Passes Trans Inclusive Rights Law!:"

* "How Two 18th-Century Lady Pirates Became BFFs on the High Seas:"

* "He's Baaaaaack - Dick Cheney on President Obama's Iran Deal:"

Embed: )

* Jonquility found this comment on Eleanor and Charles and the initiating of kisses and sex:

* "Fangs For The Fantasy: Doctor Who Series Recap: Season Three:"

* "16 Creepy Stories That Prove Children Are Weird As Hell:"

* A list of LGBTQA Charities to donate money to instead of seeing the racist Stonewall Movie that decided to portray a black trans woman activist as a cis white man.

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* Just a reminder: 600 or so children are and have been in ICU with Enterovirus 68, with four children dead in this country, compared to literally one death due to ebola in the US. Absolutely, ebola is a deadly and terrible crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Absolutely we ought to be sending supplies and trained personnel to help. However, the panic in this country is irrational. It's not currently the threat in North America that Entrovirus D68 currently is, or meningitis, or influenza, pneumonia, or any number of contagions people die of in a given year. If you are worried about ebola, the best thing we can do is help people fight it in West Africa. I know I keep repeating this, but they are now starting to panic on airplanes.

* BTW, the first responder who was thought to have ebola in Dallas, didn't.

* The hospital in Dallas is claiming that a fever of 103 is considered a "low grade" fever, so denying Mr. Duncan treatment was appropriate, even with his travel history. *side eye*

* It's sounding like my questions about infection control protocols in Spain where justified. They had ill fitted suits, so that a Doctor's arms were exposed, for example. Also, the nurse was turned away from treatment by three different Doctors despite high fever and exposure risk. As they decided to deny her treatment for eight days it is not unexpected that her health is declining, since every day matters. I am as angry as I am about them denying the gentleman in Dallas treatment despite a fever 0f 103 and known exposure, likely because he had no insurance. I honestly don't blame the Spanish protesters, nor am I surprised the late Mr. Duncan's friends and family are furious. They should be. (I am using the name of the deceased patient, because the reasons I don't name live patients don't apply and because people deserve dignity in death.)

* 14 people have preemptively checked themselves into the hospital in Madrid who had close contact with the sick nurse.

* I'm having trouble finding up to date information on the dead British man in Macedonia, but I'll keep an eye out.

* An Australian nurse recently returned from Sierra Leone turned herself in for quarantine in Cairns at the first sign of fever. She has tested negative for ebola, but they are keeping her quarantined anyway. She was one of the brave volunteers who have been trying to help the sick.

* "Where is Kim Jong Un?"

Embed: )

* St. Louis police shot another black man Wednesday. They say he had a gun, the locals say it was a sandwich. People were understandable upset and tried to protest, the police rioted attacking the crowd. Even though the courts have decently upheld the first amendment right of black people to protest, Missouri police refuse to obey they law.

* Remember that innocent man in Indiana assaulted by police when they were harassing his partner over seat belts? They are now digging up a seven year old marijuana misdemeanor charge to harass him further and justify the violence against him. Meanwhile, even though the officer has a history of randomly assaulting innocent black people in front of their children for no legitimate law enforcement reason, he is still on the force.

* "Officer accused of using excessive force:"

Embed: )

* "Race and power at the center of a police interaction:"

* Police Criminals filmed robbing a citizen. "Cops caught on camera:"

* The Courts struck down voter suppression laws in Wisconsin and Texas.

* "Impact of GOP-led voting laws tantamount to cheating:"

* "40,000 voter registration forms gone missing in Georgia:"

* "Tasteless GOP political ad still online, despite rebuke:"

* TW: Rape. These boys were gang raped and people are angry there are consequences, rather than that rape rape was a part of the culture at the school. "High school football hazing halts games:"

* "Deficit defying conservative talking points:"

* "An electronic revolution in the doctor's bag:"

* "Piracy, a force that shaped the Eastern Mediterranean:"

* "How keep-fit gyms gripped Victorians:"

* "'Lost' Sherlock film discovered:"

* "Fangs For The Fantasy: American Horror Story: Season 4, Episode 1: Monsters Among Us:"

My one reservation about the above: My understanding is it's meant to be a Baltimore accent. If this is the case, it's a bad one. It seemed to slide about rather geographically and I was trying to figure out was it meant to be Maine? Minnesota? If it is really meant to be Baltimore, I'm guessing they were aiming for the particular one that the School principal has in the last two seasons of the Wire, and missed. Baltimore, live other large port cities, with historically large and diverse immigration (such as NYC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, etc.), hasn't one accent, but several different ones depending on where in the city people are from.

I really appreciate how this review talks about freak shows and complexities around employment vs. exploitation, because this is something I often find myself mulling in a variety of contexts.

* Greenwick Found. This is why I stopped caring about Batman too. "I Kind of Hate Batman:"

Embed: )

* It is ebay time again. Oneish day. No bids:
BPAL: JOHNATHAN HARKER 2006 (LE, Halloweenie):

* Fundraiser to Help Us Survive:
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* Do not take my near silence about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as lack of concern. I have also waited to hear what happened to a missing loved one, and I would not wish this particular hell on an enemy, let alone the innocent families of the missing. I ache for them waiting in grief. I just don't see any point in repeating the contradictory speculations on the news every night, as I do not see how that really helps.

* Greenwick found, "As Though Iraq Never Happened:"

* "Why We Hate Corporations:"

* "Hey, Conservatives! Are You Winning or Losing?:"

* "Mars and P&G: one just took deforestation seriously, and the other didn’t:"

* "Neanderthals may have faced extinction long before modern humans emerged:"

* "Neanderthals cleared of driving mammoths over cliff in mass slaughter:"

* "Mungo Man is a physical reminder of the need for Indigenous recognition:"

* "Japanese archaeologists discover 3,000-year-old tomb with vivid murals in Egypt:"

* "Cheese Chunks Adorn Ancient Mummies:"

* "Ancient Roman house found in Arezzo:"

* "'Little Pompeii' found 70 km northeast of Venice:"

* "Second oldest church in Germany uncovered:"

* "Arrgh! Adventures of 17th-Century Pirate Alliance Uncovered in Ireland:"

* "Michele Bachmann Laments That 'The Gay Community Have So Bullied The American People':"

Seriously? No, SERIOUSLY?!? What colour is the sky in her world?

* Last night, I did manage to shelve more books. It's a slow process, as I keep having to shift whole shelves worth of books, and most of them are also places and times for me because of the way my memory works. The culling is agonizing, though letting go of the teacher reference books is easier than culling out novels and non-fiction. It was too hot to sleep, so it took forever to get properly out. I took today off from errands and bureaucracy and just focused on the small stuff needing doing.

Apparently I got really pissed off at how few early spring flowers came up last year as a massive amount of crocuses will likely be blooming tomorrow, which is nice, as the early crocuses are finishing. I have hyacinths ready to harvest tomorrow as well.
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* At least 250 are dead in an earthquake in Pakistan that leveled whole villages. They are already running short of supplies. The earthquake was felt as far away a Delhi and a mud island has appeared nearby as a result of the quake.

* "Global concern as Maldivian court suspends presidential election:"

* Dangerous stuff that will happen if the Republicans shut down the EPA along with the rest of the government as part of their latest tantrum:

Embed: )

* Ted Cruz wants to remind you that letting young adults stay on their family's insurance and making insurance companies provide the services people paid them for is exactly as bad as what Hitler did. No really. That was the argument he was making in the senate. Republicans still don't seem to know what Hitler was famous for.

* Why Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham was an inappropriate choice for Ted Cruz:

Embed: )

* "Maya decapitated and dismembered their enemies:"

* "Why are pirates depicted with a parrot on their shoulder? What's the origin of the skull and crossbones pirate flag?:"

* "Lets Talk About Shame And Guilt Again:"

* "Seeing a Woman: A conversation between a father and son - See more at:"

* Various Mocks of Ted Cruz' Bullshit:

Embed: )

* Still no word on the move and our current landlord is getting antsie. Last night I went to MUSH and discovered something horribly wrong. It took an hour and a half of futzing to discover it was likely the keyboard. I planned to go buy a replacement; Squirrel wanted to see a movie. We ended up going to a matinee of Prisoners, followed by the office supply store for my keyboard and the Halloween Store. Not only are their two Halloween stores this year, but I spotted a third gearing up on the same street as the first two. O.o I love Halloween Stores. I love playing with the animatronics. I love looking at all the decorations. Every year, I buy a few more pieces for my display. There are a few specific things I look for to fill particular roles, if I don't find the right thing, I wait another year. Halloween city ws a bit disappointing this year as far as anamatrnic attractions, but I found another gargoyle and an LED lantern I like. The other day I checked out Spirit to see how bad it was, given their racist costumes.

Readers, they had zombie LAWN JOCKEYS. In the 21st century.

* Prisoners:

Review: Mostly spoiler free: )

Even though I was paying attention to the right things from a central plot perspective, I think I'll watch it again when it comes out on DvD, because I now have a whole lot of questions about Detective Loki that are not plot central, but given the precision of the writing and acting likely have answers early in the movie if only I'd been focusing on him instead of the plot. Yes, it's so good, that I'm poking at characters hours later because I'm that interested in their design.

* The new key board is going to be hard to get used to. It's huge and it wears out my shoulder to type on it. The associated mouse is so ig it's hard on my hand to hold it. Meanwhile, all the gats would like to sleep on the laptop keyboard which makes using it harder what whith having to use my left arm as a sort of cat dam.

* I think I'd like to see Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul play Batman and Robin in a Breaking Bad/Adam West camp era crossover spoof. I think it would be AMAZING.

* Opinions on Internet privacy:

* The Clutch: Adopt one today!

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