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* "Trump versus North Korea:"

* "DHS begins notifying states about 2016 Russian hack attempts:"

* "Manafort role in 2006 attack on US Marines in Ukraine examined:"

* "Trump campaign manager has history of working against US abroad:"

* How opposed to the 1st Amendment is Trump? Glad you asked. "Trump to Turkish President: ‘It’s a great...:"

* "Tom Price under investigation for charter jet scandal:"

* "Could Father Mychal Judge Be the First Gay Saint?:"

* "How Narcissists Get Away With It:"

* "The Maya: History, Culture & Religion:"

* "Peru: Chinese skeletons found in Lima archaeological site:"

* "Canoe Washed Ashore by Hurricane Irma Could Be Hundreds of Years Old:"

* "Hill 70: Canada's forgotten WW1 victory:"

* "The Corner of Lovecraft and Ballard:"

* Want to donate to my property taxes to protect my housing another six months? (170$ Needed). Paypal

* We need money for taxes so ebay time again. These won't sell fast enough to solve this month, but can help with the mess this month leaves behind.:

BPAL: Stranger in Camp 2007 (The Salon: Dogs Playing Poker, LE): Evergreen, damp grass, woodsmoke, birch bark, cedar, and Terebinth pine. 1/3 & The Fruit of Paradise 2013: (Yule, LE): Bittersweet pomegranate. 3/4

BPAL: Goblin Market 2013 (Halloweenie, LE): Like honey to the throat, but poison in the blood. Above half.

BPAL: Toad 2008 (Yule: The Wind in the Willows, LE): (Dapper cologne, scorched waistcoat, a bit of pipe tobacco, and motor oil.) 1/2 full & Toad Hall 2008 (Bats Day, Event Exclusive Perfume Oil, LE): (No description available). 1/2 full.

BPAL: Palus Nebularum 2014 (Lunacy : Tabula Selenographica, LE): (The Marsh of Frogs: weedy green musk, three boggy mosses, water lettuce, and water hyacinth against a backdrop of glittering moon rocks.) 3/4 Full.

BPAL: Olisbos 2013 (Lupercalia, LE): (Polished wood, well-loved leather, and olive oil.) Full. Unused.

* Next Friday, 5pm
Next Sunday, 8:30pm
September 26 2017, 12pm
October 1 2017, 12pm
October 9 2017, 10am
October 16, 2017, 5pm
October 19 2017, 10am
October 31 2017, 10am

Next Monday, 2:30pm

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "Congress Wants to Change the Americans with Disabilities Act and Undermine the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities:"

* How to help Flood victims in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh:

* How to help Caribbean victims of Irma:

* "How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims:"

* "Disaster Relief and Support for Libraries:"

* How to help the protesters and ordinary people in Venezuela:

* "Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide:"

* A list of links to Charlottesville charities if you want to give the NAZIs a financial fuck you:

* How white Protesters can weaponize their whiteness:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Red Cross is taking donations for Western Wildfire Relief:

* (This is here as a reminder to me for later). "Can you recommend me some good books, essays, etc. about witches, witchcraft, witch trials in England?:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

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