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* On North Korea:

* "Black activists’ words echo from the past as Trump threatens nuclear war with North Korea:"

* "Saudi Arabia: new details of dissident princes' abductions emerge:"

* TW: Rape. "Three Muslim women reflect on Partition of British India:"

* "Two men reflect on impact of Partition of British India.:"

* TW: Rape, Pedophilia, Abuse "Communism, Cam Girls and Kidnapping - States of Undress :"

* "Dodgy development deal in Georgia exposes Trump to legal risk:"

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* "Trump is lying about Charlottesville, says witness:"

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* "Trump gives emboldening 'green light' to white supremacists:"

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* "Donald Trump remarks aid white supremacists' political ambitions:"

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* 45 is now outright blaming the people protesting fascism for the violence perpetrated on them including things like the NAZIs clubbing a peaceful delegation of clergy and the terrorist attack that murdered an innocent woman and injured 19 other innocent people. He also gave a full throated endorsement to the NAZIs that converged on Charlotte.

I am still trying to get my head around the fact that the official position of the Republican party as represented by the President they voted for is that the NAZIs are the real victims here and that the people they physically attacked and in one case murdered are somehow the attackers.

* "Trump blows up damage control as he blames ‘both sides’ for Charlottesville:"

* Mainstream Republicans and Police Unions both believe we need to legalize terrorism. It’s not enough to pretend to disagree publicly with 45 when he insists that the people protesting fascism are responsible for the violence aimed at the them and the literal NAZIs are the real victims. Every single person backing the bills legalizing mess murder are complicit and the blood is on their hands too.

* "Trump Not Planning on Charlottesville Trip; ‘Why The Hell Would We Do That?’ Aides Say:"

* "A Holocaust survivor on seeing the violent rally in Charlottesville: “It really hurts”:"

* Every time 45 says "Excuse me" I don't; every time he says "Believe me" I don't, because that's one of his tells for when he's lying.

* "CBO says Trump's Obamacare sabotage would cost $194 billion, drive up premiums 20%:"

* "Three CEOs resign from Trump council over Charlottesville:"

* In other autocracy news.... "Justice demands 1.3M IP addresses related to Trump resistance site:"

* "On Charlottesville: Why the Center Is Okay with Nazis but Hates the Left:"

* Keep in mind that Republicans in five States are pushing legislation to make terrorist attacks like the one in Charlottville completely legal. "White Supremacists' War on the Public Square:"

* "The Trump administration just pulled funding from a group that fights white extremism:"

* "It’s not enough to be disgusted by Charlottesville:"

* "Are Your Members of Congress Doing Enough to Respond to the Charlottesville Terrorist Attack?:"

* I am white and am often assumed to be male (I am an adrogyne), but there are few things as terrifying to me as large groups of white men, because they are generally the people insisting I do not deserve even the most basic human rights. They are generally the ones talking about rounding us up and putting us in camps or flat out killing us.

I am on the other side of the country, but seeing the Charlottesville images and hearing the associated rhetoric is fucking terrifying. The images and chants are instantly recognizable. I have often written about how much more dangerous white supremacists are in this country than radicalized muslims. White men born in this country have done 73% of the terrorist acts in this country in recent years. I can not think of a single terrorist act performed by someone who wasn't a white man in my state since I moved here in '98; I can name plenty done by white supremacists. For example, they generally try to bomb the MLK day parade in Spokane most years. I have not once been harassed or threatened by a person of colour since I moved west 'in '91. I have a whole list of harassment, threats, and attempted assaults by white cis men in those decades.

Republicans are defunding attempts to stop white terrorism and attempting to suppress reports on the real danger it poses. In five states they are trying to pass laws to legalize terrorist attacks on crowds such as occurred in Charlottesville. 45 has ordered white supremacist terrorist organizations to be moved off task force agendas and to be ignored in favour of increased harassment of innocent moderate muslims. Look, I am not a fan of Islam for pretty much the same reasons I am not fond of organized christianity, and if there is probable cause I am all for law enforcement doing what is legal and necessary to prevent attacks, but I feel like white straight Christian cis men are disproportionately a threat to public safety and law enforcement approaches to terrorism ought to reflect that and proportionate resources need to be allocated towards the real threat whether they are clinic bombers, Aryan Nation, KKK, Neo-NAZI, etc.. Police need to start arresting them when they assault people instead of attacking peaceful protesters and hunting and killing innocent black people.

This needs to stop; it needed to have stopped a long fucking time ago; and it shouldn't have taken an alarmingly loud mob with torches chanting NAZI slogans to get this discussion going on the republican side. My worry is that racist policies will continue even though some Republicans still have just enough shame to admit under pressure that NAZIs might be bad.

* "Momentum grows to remove Confederate monuments:"

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* "New Analysis Shows, There's No Safe Way to Transport Fossil Fuels:"

* Super pertinent. "I’m not totally inclined to police anachronism in a fandom whose canon founded Georgia ~20 years early (in addition to the naval uniforms).* However, there’s one idea I’ve seen cropping in Black Sails fandom that bothers me a little bit because of what it suggests about the way that we view history— and that’s the idea that slavery was legal in early Georgia, specifically the Georgia of James Oglethorpe.:"

* "What Trump Could Have Said After Charlottesville:"

* "Stephen Makes Condemning Nazis Look Easy (Because It Is):"

* Now I know how people felt watching me stretch for ballet, running, and Wing Chun back in the day. "Liv Twisted – The Gong Show:"

* "T-Rex On A Pole – The Gong Show:"

* "Charlottesville White Supremacist Rally:"

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* "Battle Over Confederate Monuments:"

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* "Jim's Immigration Points:"

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* Want to help replace dangerously bald front tires and dead wipers? Paypal

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* How to help the protesters and ordinary people in Venezuela:

* A list of links to Charlottesville charities if you want to give the NAZIs a financial fuck you:

* List of places to donate to help trans service members and fight the planned attack on active duty trans soldiers:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Trump's planned state visit to UK delayed until next year: U.S. official:"

* "President Trump, the pageant, the pop star, and Putin:"

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* "Trump's election panel puts hold on voter data request:"

* So the plan is to let Eric Prince of Blackwater infamy set out Afghanistan policy along with a man still running DynCorp!!! "Trump Aides Recruited Businessmen to Devise Options for Afghanistan:"

* Things that make me go hmmmmm.... "Kushner Cos. Sought Qatar Funds as Jared Advised Trump:"

* "Trump Has Secretive Teams to Roll Back Regulations, Led by Hires With Deep Industry Ties:"

* "Justice Dept. probe will look at Trump Jr.'s disclosed emails, meeting:"

* "Donald Trump Jr. may have crossed the legal line on collusion:"

* "NYT: E-mail told Trump Jr of Russian government campaign help:"

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* "Republicans trying to rush health care bill again:"

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* "Protests flare as GOP health care/tax bill stalls:"

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* Look, I know we are all tired and I keep saying this, but we need to keep up pressure on republicans for the next three weeks at least, possibly for all of August. We need Die Ins and phone calls and faxes and demonstrations at Congressional Offices and Town halls. We need to sustain this.

They have yet another ACA Repeal/Trumpcare attempt in process.

They are hoping we will give up and go away. We can't afford to. People will literally die so they can win the tax cut for the .1% this is in aid of.

This App phones your rep for you:
Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* I am giving a tumblr link, as I want the commentary as well as the article:

* "TX Anti-Trans Hate Bills 46 and 50 Filed:"

* "Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide:"

* "My Mother Wasn't Trash:"

* I'm about 70.00 down for the month looks like when bills settled out. I'm also clearly ill, so can't handle oils for selling on the assumption of contagion. I'd had lung symptoms and extra quease for days, but it's also hot and the worst stretch for my allergies, so not definitive. Last night was absolutely definitive. Ugh. Still, I am already thinking about what to sacrifice this time.

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

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* "A short time line of events preceding the Grenfell Tower fire:"

* "Charleena Lyles was shot dead by Seattle police — after calling 911 for help:"

* "Janet Mock - Giving Women of Color a Voice in "Surpassing Certainty" - Extended Interview:"

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* "no but (among the 1424356 other things on my list) i so need to write a book about medieval history for a popular audience, just because the reality would blow people’s minds:"

* "Jamaica's Maroon Wars:"


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* "A Shocking Stash in Argentina:"

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* "The Terrifying Tale of Trumpcare:"

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* "Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:"

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* "Is Trump Under Investigation? His Lawyer Says Yes, No, And More!:"

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* "So Much News, So Little Time - Canceling Cuba, a Possible Trump Investigation & NRA Silence:"

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* I'm a hundred down on bills, plus we haven't money for electricity and Internet as we had to pay for car repairs (four hundred), so clearly it's ebay time:

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* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "So, what can people do?*:"

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.:

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "Meet the Woman Risking Everything to Become Somalia's First Female President:"

* To this I want to add, I'd have liked subtitles for the lyrics by the rappers. Also, could we go ONE year without commentators giggling like 6th graders over the name of a certain country? Otherwise this is a much more eloquent version of what i tried to figure out how to stay and couldn't quite frame. "NBC’s Rio Olympics Opening-Ceremony Coverage Was Clueless and Counterintuitive at Best:"

* "The Media Village at the Rio Olympics Is Built on a Mass Grave of Slaves:"

* "Police Scrutiny in China Hinders Condom Use Among Prostitutes, Study Says:"

* "Trump economics dissected:"

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* "The deep red state that could turn blue:"

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* Trump had the gall to go to Detroit and tell them that the cure for all that ails them is a massive tax cut for estates over $5 million in value and corporate welfare.

* "Oh, For Fuck’s Sake: A Gentle Talk With My Republican, Democrat, And Undecided Friends :"

* "I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump:"

* "Exclusive - John Lewis Extended Interview:"

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* "How climate change is rapidly taking the planet apart:"

* "'Witch' Prison Revealed in 15th-Century Scottish Chapel:"

* "Donald Trump Predicts a Rigged Election:"

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* "Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - Trump Dump:"

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* Y'all know I'm in the DS9 is the best Star Trek camp. "Deep Space Nine was the Best Star Trek (And the Roddenberry Box was Made to be Broken):"

* TNG Rewatch:

I missed one first Season Episode, "Too Short a Season." It has terrible age makeup, but setting it aside, it's a good explanation for why the Prime Directive needs to be a thing and why Kirk riding rough shod over nearly every episode likely left planets in chaos and mass death in his wake even though we don't get to see it in ToS.

* "Sunday Sweets: Modern Geometry:"

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Donate to help refugees "UN Refugee Agency:"

* Organizations helping with the refugee crisis:

* A list of LGBTQA Charities:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:" gobmush.wikidot.com
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* "Before Her Murder, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Criticism:"

* "Echoes of Goldwater in 1964 seen in Trump 2016 campaign:"

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* "94 Detroit Schools Closed Monday Due to Teacher 'Sickouts.' Here's Why:"

* "Men who are like “Oh I’d love to be *insert kind of sex worker here*” are so funny to me:"

* "This Slam Poet Has a Powerful Message for the People Who Protest at Planned Parenthood:"

* "Risks of harm from spanking confirmed by analysis of 5 decades of research:"

* "Rare N.Z. parrot not dead, just pining for fiords:"

* "Taxes: Crash Course Economics #31:"

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* Watching the Crash courses on Aquinas sure reminds me why I lost interest in him a couple weeks in when I was a Philosophy Monk.

* Jon Snow, Bowen Marsh, Cowardice, and Genocide:

* Ebay time again:

Cut for your pleasure: )

* Want to help Equador in the wake of their Earthquake?

* Zimbabwe has joined Ethiopia in disaster level drought People and animals are dying. Want to help?

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Donate to help refugees:

* A list of LGBTQA Charities:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* "France prostitution: MPs outlaw paying for sex:"

* Given the horrifying crap Bill Clinton has been saying on the campaign trail, I have to ask, is he TRYING to sabotage his wife? He's a shit and I've hated him since he first was in the primary running for President and him being horrible and racist behind a smoke screen of pretending to care is kind of his brand, but he is waaay more politically adept than this. So is it a matter of conscious sabotage, subconscious sabotage, or some sign of deterioration?

(For the record, I always liked her better than him. I do NOT think it is fair to hold her responsible for things he did. That goes for crap like this too. I’ve got serious qualms about her because of her positions on fracking, Keystone Pipeline, etc., just as I have a collection of qualms about Bernie Sanders on things like foreign policy, but I absolutely will vote for whichever of them wins the Primary when December comes around. My issue here is that she does get routinely blamed for shit she has no control over and/or attacked in sexist ways, and him running around being as offensive as he can manage really does undermine her base of support.)

* "New Study Reveals the Shocking Truth About How Much Undocumented Immigrants Actually Contribute:"

* "America's teachers are being trained in a harsh interrogation technique that produces false confessions:"

As a former teacher who cared about my kids, I can’t seem to frame commentary that does not consist entirely of expletives for this ugly bit of.... Yeah.

* TW: Transphobia. "‘People with penises are men’ – author Ian McEwan takes sledgehammer to transgender debate"

* "The Only LGBT Cemetery Section in the World Was Inspired by J. Edgar Hoover:"

* "Skin Is Not Necessary for Sex Appeal: The Scarlet Librarian Weighs In On Functional, Yet Attractive Armor:"

* Today a friend took me out to dinner at the Thai place I love. Much fine talk was had.

* "Last Post by Carol Ann Duffy:"

* "Sunday Sweets Gets Touchy-Feely:"

* "Japanese teen girl metal band Babymetal performs on Colbert:"

* "Books I Wish I’d Read as an LGBTQ Teenager:"

* "scifi where sight was considered as exotic and numinous as telepathy by the protag species:"

* I have been watching the back half of the skate season, but was frankly too ill to be writing about it much. I am going to talk a bit about worlds because they were great fun. Look, I know Ivan Righini isn't technically where he needs to be as a skater yet, but he is awfully fun to watch. This was far from his best this season, alas, but I still watching him. I was frankly expecting gang busters from the Asian skaters and Javier Fernandez, but not much from the Americans. I was incredibly pleased to be mistaken. Max Aaron has finally started to get the artistic side and his skate was a joy to watch. Adam Rippon was completely on and pulled the most delightful performance I've ever seen him do. Seriously, I had been rather despairing of our chances and was pretty much expecting to wait until Nathan Chen matured a little for us to really be able to compete, so this was stunning to see them both really pull it out. They aren't top class yet, but for the first time they looked like they had the potential to get there. It was much the same for Mikhail Holyada, who really pulled it together for worlds. I love when that Happens. Soma Uno, who I am fond of, was subtly off. Patrick Chan, was not up to potential either. Maybe next year. Hanzu, who is usually uncanny valley good fell at the beginning and just couldn't recover. It hurt to watch mistakes from someone usually so flawless. The program was next level enough, and he went in with a big enough lead, he could bump everyone who went ahead though. Jin Boyang remains technically impressive, despite being a little off early in the program. He's not got the artistic and performance bits lined up, but I could see little hints of what he'll be in a year or two in his best moments. Javier Fernandez, OMG! Look, he's one of my favorite of the current generation of skaters and it was glorious to see him skating at the top of his form. It's been kind of a rough season for him, and seeing him do something this wonderful was pure delight. I really do think he earned it.

For the record, the judging looked pretty fair to me just generally.

* EBAYs:

Cut for your pleasure: )

* Zimbabwe has joined Ethiopia in disaster level drought People and animals are dying. Want to help?

* "How to help Flint, Michigan:"

* We Need $200.00 by Month's end! Paypal

* Donate to help refugees:

* A list of LGBTQA Charities:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* Not only did we bomb a Doctors Without Borders hospital for no discernible reason, our planes strafed fleeing survivors.

* Look, y'all know I don't approve of Marco Rubio's politics, but the attacks on his finances seem pretty unfair to me. He has done nothing illegal and the mistakes around credit card use are reasonable ones he made good. Did he do some things he shouldn't? Yes, but it would be hard to find politician of either party who didn't make similar mistakes early on in their career and he was cleared in an investigation that did put at least one person who was corrupt in jail. The other attacks on him that amount to demonizing him for being middle class rather than being born rich and look like classicist assholery.

Again, not a fan in any way shape or form. If I did think he was corrupt, I'd be all over it. (I haven't forgotten Chris Christie misappropriating Sandy Relief funds to help his developer friends instead of working class home owners for example.) If I thought this was substantive and not rich people mocking someone for not being rich, I'd be all over him like I was on former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell, but this looks like a nothing burger to me. There is always a chance something new will come to light that changes my opinion, but right now this looks like Trump trumping up scandal to attack a rival.

* "Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Social Security and Marco Rubio:"

Embed: )

* TW: Rape, rape Culture. "Man Sexually Assaults His Wife At Church Because He Thinks Spousal Rape Isn’t Real:"

* "Sheriff to staff: Stop arresting children on prostitution charges, stop saying 'child prostitute':"

* "Viggo Mortensen defends Quentin Tarantino:"

Embed: )

* "Life after Ebola: The survivors facing health problems and grief:"

* "Little Known Black History Fact: The Muse Brothers:"

* Really interesting linguistic thing. "How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained:"

* "Rock Hill, SC, witness to history, change, and the Friendship 9:"

Embed: )

* "Fox News on Cop's Suicide & Bread Bowl of Troof:"

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* "Nebraska Republicans Squash the Death Penalty:"

Embed: )

* "100 Years of Beauty: USA Men - Research Behind the Looks:"

Embed: )

* Tonight I drank some of the Darjeeling my ex-lover sent. It is soooo good.

* Today was podcast. The next bit is going to be really hard, because the events are so terrible. I thought we cut off in good time, as we all needed to get groceries, but the sauerkraut was hiding, and the checkout line was long. I ended up spending $8.00 to much and didn't get a tofurkey. I took the boys home, but when I got out of the car to unload the groceries, I discovered my left leg was no longer load bearing. I made it inside before it gave out entirely and the other one started to fail. Squirrel brought the groceries in, but it was a race to try to get the perishables away while using two crutches and mobbed by cats before the other leg gave and the damaged bits of spine reached unbearable. I did eventually get the cats settled in for a nap, but I feel like I've let myself down abandoning three partial bags of groceries around the kitchen. The pain is startling even with the scaled up meds, but I can manage bathroom runs without serious risk of falls as long as I don't dawdle. Usually there is some sort of warning before this level of physical dysfunction, but tonight there was none at all. Really, I should have got out the wheelchair, but I was scared if I stopped to sort it I might not get up again. Chronic pain is funny this way: I was tooling around fine at the store, using the grocery cart as a walker; 20 minutes later I was struggling to stand and doing so in great pain. Remember this next time you see someone getting judgey about someone standing up out of their wheelchair to reach something. Disability isn't always how it is depicted on TV.

* I finally got a chance to sample Rome. It came out when my TV access consisted of one fuzzy channel out of Canada, and I do not like starting things in the middle. Also, after the Troy debacle I am fundamentally wary of anything mainstream and ancient world. (They were lovers, not platonic cousins! *shake fist*). I was wary. I sampled part of the first episode of Spartacus last summer and found it unwatchable. I am someone who finds the white, undecorated walls in I, Claudius incredibly distracting and who gave up on Merlin two episodes in because so many of the sets and costumes are so bad and them neither settling on a period, nor doing generic fantasy was quietly driving me up a wall. (Seriously, in 1000 years of western Medieval clothing, no woman wore a dress anything like that one particular one. Why is that one guy in 13th century gear, but that buildling 15th century or later? The other way around would have been fine as architecture persists, but.... And then there were the terrible castle sets. I kept staring at the walls trying to figure out why they were all concrete blocks and where were the tapestries or hangings if they had a castle that big and fancy and late period. Did Uthor blow his whole budget on fiber glass prefab castle bits from the future and have nothing left to make things cozy? I know, I know, fantasy alternate reality England with dragons and magic, but I could not let it go. I loved the casting in general, the choice to go historically accurate with the diversity, and the acting. I really didn't like the plot or the writing. If they were better, I likely wouldn't have been quite so passionate about hater tops and set decoration. As it was my brain would not stop).

Anyway, I was instantly charmed by the opening credits. I loved the use of real roman art and animated graffiti. I looked how much more colourful and lived in Rome looked than it generally does in movies or TV shows. This just looked so much more like the Rome I imagine based on archaeological evidence and expert recreations. The people designing this Rome clearly looked at Pompeii and Herculaneum. They really made an effort to make the city look alive. I liked that even though they did not make the city or the legions as diverse as we think they were, they did try to show that the city was cosmopolitan and it's people came from a wide variety of places. It's not enough, but the effort is more than most people manage.

Those who've been subjected to the long form of either my Troy rant or my Braveheart rant, or my Hobbit rant or my Game of Thrones complaints will likely assume I am a hard ass about historical or literary adaptations, but remember I'm also someone who thinks the Streep/Malchovich Dangerous Liaisons is geometrically better than the book and that Dexter the series blows most of the books out of the water. Adaptation of both historical and literary works is an art form in itself. Things often need to be simplified or telescoped. Chracters or historical personages often need to be cut or combined or alternately fleshed out. With book adaptations, some characters are nearly all interior monologue whih is hard to translate. With history their are gaps, or contradictions, or multiple theories as to motives and what actually happened. There are completely legitimate reasons to change things, or pick one interpretation over another, or to fill in based on best guesses. Where I get shirty is where what they do is nonsense (Ken Follet's book, Pillars of the Earth, I'm looking at you), fundamental violations of character or theme (Braveheart, Troy, GoT), clumsy grafting on of new material that doesn't fit (Romance in the Hobbit, that stupid extra song in the movie Les Miserables). I am forgiving of changes that tighten the narrative, deepen understanding, move a character into the center of the action in a way that is logical (Sharpe stories generally for example) or are necessary for time and budget, but retain theme, character integrity, and sense.

I got to watch two episodes before having to send it back and am already in line for more. They are measured and thoughtful about the changes they made, such as demoting the historical Pollo to Legionnaire for both dramatic tension and to show a foot soldier as a main character instead of having two centurions, or having the centurion character married with permission instead of illicitly so as to show certain things about domestic life for ordinary people instead of making the show all about the nobles. Fleshing out the Plebeian characters and bending the rules a little so as to provide more representation of non-nobles is the sort of change I'm okay with in things like this. I actually really appreciate them going to the effort to make sure ordinary people are there to balance out all the Patricians, and I'm okay with a little bending to make that happen. I loved the characters drawing graffiti and the obliquity of it in the set designs. I really am comfortable with the changes I spotted and was charmed by things like them remembering to dress Cato in mourning. I admit to wishing the characters were easier to match names with faces in spots, but I picked up the important ones quickly enough. The people who made this clearly cared about what they were doing and were trying hard to make it right. That goes a long way with me.

Do I enjoy all the heterosexual joyless (and often rape or rape adjacent) fucking? Not particularly, but with the exception of the bathing scene, which appeared to be about the very different cultural attitude towards nudity, there is... not quite gender parity, but something close to it on the nudity. I can think of a lot of things the show runners are likely trying to say with their use of sex: Roman cultural norms around it; the relentless patriarchy and rape culture that played into it. I am wary given my experience of Game of Thrones, but I'm willing to stick a pin in it until I have a larger sample size of shows to judge from, especially since so much of what they are doing as far as historical accuracy and adaptation is so well researched and thought out. They do seem to have a good grasp of period power dynamics and the gendered way power was exercised by both women and men, and depiction doesn't necessarily mean endorsement.

So over all I am hopeful and have mostly liked what I've seen so far, with some caveats.

* It just dawned on me that I want an Addams Family reboot starring Antonio Bandaras and Gina Torres as Gomez and Morticia.

* Watch me lose my shit about medieval history in the comments:

* Organizations helping with the refugee crisis:

* A list of LGBTQA Charities:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* There has been a serious terrorist attack on a popular shrine in Bangkok, Thailand. 22 are dead and more than 120 injured in the bombing.

* "Amnesty calls for decriminalizing sex work:"

* "Allegations From Amazon Workers Show Why Tech Is a Hostile Industry for Women:"

* Donald Trump and Scott Walker have come out strongly for the repeal of the 14th Amendment to rob citizenship from natural born Latino citizens so that that people like Marco Rubio can be deported as undesirable despite being born here. Carly Fiorina is siding with them, though not as strongly.

* Some of you may have noticed that while I've linked to discussions of the Black Lives Matter/Bernie sanders stuff, I haven't commented directly. There's a reason for that.

Way back when there was the big Makah whaling debate, I was in the Middle of my second Master's degree at a very left college, where this was an issue causing great distress. In one of my classes we were asked to pick a side and explain briefly why. I was one of the few who took the Makah side and I spoke last. I no longer remember my exact words, but it was something along the lines of "Given the horrific quality of decisions white people have insisted on making for Native people against their will, I feel it is my job as a white person to listen when Native people need something for their spiritual well being and cultural preservation and get out of their way."

Yes, I support Bernie Sanders candidacy and feel that his policies would be better for America than anyone else currently in the race, but I also think that given how many people are being murdered by police thugs in this country, it is my job as a white person to shut the hell up and listen when black people speak about their anger and pain and what needs to change in this country. I hate tone arguments generally. They are so often used against my people too. I particularly hate when people use the angry black person stereotype to try to silence voices that absolutely need to be heard. The Black Lives Matter and Say her Name messages need to be heard and I honestly think that as a white person it is my job to listen and get out of the way. Am I happy to see more candidates being challenged? Yes. But I also absolutely get why people so often silenced will take any platform they can find in hopes of being listened to, and honestly Bernie Sanders is way more likely to actually listen and adapt than the candidates on the right, particularly the openly Nativist ones. This is why I've mostly just been signal boosting, because I feel like signal boosting is the best thing i can possible contribute to the conversation.

* "Cop Probably Kills Two Men - Then Warrants Are Issued For Their Arrest Because They Missed Court!:"

* "14-year-old shot seven times by police:"

* "Case surrounding Freddie Gray's death heats up:"

* Imagine how self-righteously evil you would have to be to do this. "Is a NYC labor union for police officers 'homeless shaming'?"

* "What a book about British wizards taught me about American blackness:"

* "Hillary Clinton breaks from Obama on Shell Oil Arctic drilling:"

* California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho are all literally burning. Most of our West Coast is in drought. huge portions of BC burned earlier in the Summer. It barely snows anymore which means not enough snow pack melt in the rivers to keep the salmon cool enough to spawn. The earth is burning. Can we please, please do something about it now?

* "Emma Didlake, Woman Believed to Be Nation's Oldest Veteran, Dies at 110:"

* "Julian Bond 1940-2015:"

Embed: )

* I have lost track of how long I've had this infection. I'm thinking April? I can't go back to my lung guy until I pay my back copay, but my lungs have just moved from lacy to thick. This has been the Summer of endless fever. Still no word from the government. Either I'm fucked or I will be able to finally catch up on basic things I can't afford like medical copays. They said June or July, which I took to mean August, but as August burns past.... I need this settled.

I am sick enough now that between that and the heat I am in random sleep pattern where I get no say in when and how long I sleep. Hence the random availability and posting times.

* I often do this thing I call "slow film festivals." This is where I pick a central actor/director/theme and order films from the library at a rate of two or three at a time, mostly working through the county catalog, but also ordering important items as necessary via ILL. I generally have two or three slow film festivals going at once, and depending on the number of items and availability, an individual slow film festival can take as little as a month or in one case as long as two years. (I have been doing personal non-fiction research projects of a similar type pretty much since I learned how to read, whether or not I am in academia. Sometimes these coincide as with my 17th-18th, mostly Restoration era drama/Poc in England project, but sprawling across two centuries on tangents that occur to me thing. Look, I'm a geek and I never claimed to be otherwise, for all my wild personal life when I was still well enough to have one.)

Anyway, as I had to quit Hannibal in season two because it got too triggery and I really liked A Royal affair, and people were saying interesting things about Valhalla, I have been doing a Mads Mikkelsen slow film festival. The more I watch, the more impressed I am. his rage is stunning and he is so precise and often deadpan playful. He does this interesting thing with his eyes, where one moment they are warm and inviting and the next flat and dead. I still do not know how I feel about some of the films of his I watched (movie about a delusional and relentlessly optimistic preacher and wildly problematic art film about Vikings in the New world, I am looking at you), but his performances utterly fascinate me. I think he's now on my short list of best actors in my rough age rage, possibly the top of the list. So far my favorite is Flame and Citron: twisty and complicated and often ambiguous movie about the Danish resistance in which it is hard to tell who to trust. Seriously, this film is fascinating and I expect to be still poking at it quietly in my head days from now.

* Alarming RP insight: In my character Ser Malcolm Storm's last conversation with Tellur Snow on GoB he sounded remarkably like hannibal Lector talking to the Red Dragon.... Mal is NOT my serial killer character over there. O.o

* Leverage is still the show I most wish was real since I became an adult. Someone SHOULD be out writing the wrongs of capitalism. I DO wish those characters were real and doing what they did in the show.

* Ebays, One Day More, 2 No Bid:

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* A list of LGBTQA Charities to donate money to instead of seeing the racist Stonewall Movie that decided to portray a black trans woman activist as a cis white man.

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

* Trying to stay afloat until September: or
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* Greece appears to be literally on fire. Also parts of California.

* "Writing sex work in your romantic and erotic fiction:"

* "Sigh-Inducing Study Shows Guy Gamers Can’t Stand Losing to Women:"

* "This Haunting Animation Maps the Journeys of 15,790 Slave Ships in Two Minutes:"

* "The Federal Government Just Took a Huge Step to End Job Discrimination for LGBT Americans:"

* I'm posting it late, but it has some important things to say. "Today's Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking -- Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the U.S.:"

* "Miss Major Talks Stonewall:"

* "What's the Definition of "Traditional Marriage"? :"

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* I love it when I am voting in a local election and there are actually clear stand out candidates in all categories. There is City council candidate campaigning for mental health diversion and more humane treatment of prisoners, and this math teacher running for school board who says all the right things and has the best math teacher mustache ever in his official photos. It is long and slender and waxed into a big curl at the ends. Delightful!

* "Portraying Prejudice Well - Avoiding the Perils and Pitfalls:"

* Buffy Rewatch thought: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce's tragedy is that he is consistently wrong with such conviction.

* I think this is relevant to many of your interests:

* Ebay Time:
AUTUMN FANCIES 2013 (LE, Halloweenies): (Company says: Dry grasses bathed in amber light, muted by gentle shadows.) Top of label.:

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We desperately need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

* My RL oldest continuous friend is doing a fundraiser:

* Trying to stay afloat until August: or
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* " 70th Anniversary Of D-Day Invasion:"

* On the erasure of DR. Maya Angelou's Sex Work:

* "RIP: Kandy Hall:"

* "Houston HERO Opponent Accused Of Sexual Harassment:"

* "Ryders Eyewear Transphobic Ad Fail:"

* "The Day I Died:"

* Squirrel was kind enough to take me on errands. I continue to pick away at things needing doing that I can see well enough to do. The bedroom air conditioning is making sleep easier, Though it's no help in the livingroom. I've rearranged the garden now I don't have to leave room for the air conditioner an I have hopes of this helping the lettuce, etc.. I currently have enough lettuce for salad. The one plant that nearly died in my absence has revived with more watering, all the others are thriving.

* "The Problem With The Societal Default:"
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* Republicans go on and on about how they support the troops, yet a government shut down means that troops literally fighting in Afghanistan don't get their pay on time, and disabled veterans will have benefits they need for things like rent delayed. Not once have they explained how this is in the best interest of the troops they claim they love.

* Progress in New York for Sex Workers, in that they are moving from a punishment to a treatment model. Far from ideal, but better than prison:

Embed: )

* "Connecting the Death of an 83 Year Old White Female College Adjunct With the Shooting Death of an Unarmed Black Man Named Jonathan Ferrell:"

* "The Way You Walk is Tied to a Hole in Your Skull:"

* "Revising how we think Australopithecus afarensis looked:"

* "Ancient human remains in Palawan reveal ritual burial, possible cannibalism:"

* "8000 years of Habitation in the Alps:"

* "6,000-year-old Wine Discovered in Kavala:"

* "Ireland claims world's oldest bogman:"

* "2500-Year-Old Horse Remains in Bulgaria Suggest Creatures Were Buried Upright:"*

* "Italian archaeologists hail discovery of Etruscan warrior prince's tomb :"

* "10 Incorrect Ancient Greek And Roman Theories About The Body - Listverse:"

* "Egyptian Dog Mummy Infested with Bloodsucking Parasites:"

* "Spectacular tombs from the early Middle Ages discovered in Burdąg:",397108,spectacular-tombs-from-the-early-middle-ages-discovered-in-burdag.html

* "Rats! Diet of Easter Islanders Revealed:"

* I lost two hours of sleep to four phone calls. At least some of them were actually important. I've explained what's up to the housing authority. I also talked to the landlord when I went out for errands and we're going month to month so at least we won't be trying to store all our gear while Bank of Evil is being slow, nor will we and the cats be trying to couch surf. This month's rent's paid, books were exchanged at the library. I forgot to pick up more meds, but I did spend the evening reviewing BPALs. I also did some housekeeping on some magic items Squirrel's character wanted to check.
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* "GOP Lawmaker In Utah Wants To End Compulsory Education In The State:"

The GOP War on Literacy is now out in the open!

* "Her Murderer has Custody of Her Children:"

* "Secret of Bees' Honeycomb Revealed:"

* "A Low-Tech Mosquito Deterrent:"

* Where was I yesterday? I did about a chapter of notes, then hung out with Greenwick for a few hours. After we had dinner with Djinni and their roommate. I then watched my HBO shows, by which time I was too tired to go on line, so I just crashed. Today, Captain Havoc came by, and we hung out on the patio talking. I am, of course, behind on a bunch of things. Regular service likely won't be restored until the weekend, though I'll make an effort to make it sooner.

* "Boycotting Ender's Game:"

* "Channing Tatum Circa 2003 Was Basically Derek Zoolander:"

* My Scented Home Products Circular Swap is looking for people to sign up:

* The Clutch: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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