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* "At least 28 dead after brutal gang fight in Mexico prison:"

* We would be pitching in too if we had an ounce of decency. "Europeans vow more help to stem Libya-Italy migrant flow:"

* "After a Revolution:"

* "Trump and Chinese president discuss North Korea:"

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* "Maxine Waters: Keep eye on sanctions:"

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* "Trump meeting with Putin sparks controversy:"

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* "The ethics chief who took on the White House:"

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* "States reject White House demand for voter information:"

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* "Lawsuit demands election results thrown out for Georgia's 6th Congressional District:"

* "The Brown, Queer, And Poor Are Not The Ones Holding The Left Back:"

* "Texas Republican Blocks State's Bathroom Bill: "I Don’t Want The Suicide Of A Single Texan On My Hands":"

* "The Bootlegger, the Wiretap, and the Beginning of Privacy:"

* "Leah Gordon photographs the Freemasons of contemporary Haiti:"

* "Zoot Suits: A Fashion Movement that Sparked Mexican American Resistance:"

* "Sabotage Your Way to Success!:"

* "Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria:"

* "Turns Out, Snakes Can Hunt in Packs, So Let's Just All Move to Antarctica:"

* "Canuck the crow's attacks halt Vancouver mail delivery:"

* Tavy is officially wise to the medicine finger and fought hard for the first time today.

* "Killjoys, Season 3, Episode 2: A Skinner Darkly:"

* "The Philosophy Force Five vs the Scientismists:"

* "The Dark Morality of Fairy-Tale Animal Brides:"

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "So, what can people do?*:"

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.:

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"
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* Both sides in the South Sudan Civil war have been slaughtering Dinka civilians who lived in the city of Bor before fighting mostly leveled it. Survivors are trying to flee across the Nile.

* The Ukrainian Parliament has issued an arrest warrant for the former President. They say they want him tried in the International Criminal Court over the death of the protesters.

* Protesters are putting up barricades in Caracas. Venezuelans are starting to take sides generally, with the rural areas siding with the president.

* "Oldest Holocaust survivor dies:"

* "CEO sues to keep fracking away from backyard:"

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* "Alcoholics Anonymous, Without the Religion:"

* "Museveni signs Uganda anti-gay bill:"

* "US influence helps draft Uganda anti-gay bill:"

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* "Uganda's Law passes - The Hole in our Recognition of Genocide:"

* Arizona Republicans were out reminding people that denying LGBTQ people access to police, fire, or emergency medical services is necessary "to preserve human dignity." They are saying those words, but I don't think they know what they mean.

* "Oh Hell No, Arizona! Unjust SB 1062 Must Die!:"

* RIP Harold "Egon" Ramis.

* "Denunciation Proclamation:"

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* I am snowed in as the walks weren't cleared. I had stuff to do, but I had no absolutely must do appointments. I did manage to do bills last night, but not the bureaucracy.

* "The Unlikey Muse: Bigotry in Comic Books:"

* "Jars of mayonnaise are not characters:"

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