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* "At least 28 dead after brutal gang fight in Mexico prison:"

* We would be pitching in too if we had an ounce of decency. "Europeans vow more help to stem Libya-Italy migrant flow:"

* "After a Revolution:"

* "Trump and Chinese president discuss North Korea:"

* "Maxine Waters: Keep eye on sanctions:"

* "Trump meeting with Putin sparks controversy:"

* "The ethics chief who took on the White House:"

* "States reject White House demand for voter information:"

* "Lawsuit demands election results thrown out for Georgia's 6th Congressional District:"

* "The Brown, Queer, And Poor Are Not The Ones Holding The Left Back:"

* "Texas Republican Blocks State's Bathroom Bill: "I Don’t Want The Suicide Of A Single Texan On My Hands":"

* "The Bootlegger, the Wiretap, and the Beginning of Privacy:"

* "Leah Gordon photographs the Freemasons of contemporary Haiti:"

* "Zoot Suits: A Fashion Movement that Sparked Mexican American Resistance:"

* "Sabotage Your Way to Success!:"

* "Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria:"

* "Turns Out, Snakes Can Hunt in Packs, So Let's Just All Move to Antarctica:"

* "Canuck the crow's attacks halt Vancouver mail delivery:"

* Tavy is officially wise to the medicine finger and fought hard for the first time today.

* "Killjoys, Season 3, Episode 2: A Skinner Darkly:"

* "The Philosophy Force Five vs the Scientismists:"

* "The Dark Morality of Fairy-Tale Animal Brides:"

* Full list of Resistance and charity links has been migrated to my profile as it was getting out of hand.

* "What can I do to help Syria?:"

* This App phones your rep for you:

* Here is one that will send your reps a fax:

* "So, what can people do?*:"

* Want to fight Climate Change? "Ready to Mobilize? Start Here!:"

* Distressed by the anti-gay genocide in Chechnya and the anti-gay laws in Russia? Donate here:

* The Rainbow Road and other ways to help Gay Refugees:

* This is a Real Life friend of mine. They do very much need the money and a number of people and beasts depend on him and his husband. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive of me. If you can kick in, it is a kindness.:

* This is my oldest continuous Real Life friend. She is disabled and really needs the money for herself and beasts. To buy jewelry from her:

* Help pay for cat food, litter, meds, medical copays: Paypal

* Want Game of Thrones without the creepy? We need new players. We are very inclusive. "Game of Bones MUSH:"

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